• It's Clearly Improving

    Mexican President Enrique Pena Nieto came into office with high ambitions. Since then, Mexico's technology is developing 3 times that of the global average. Middle class citizens now make up 40% of Mexico's population. Violence in Juarez has decreased by 30% since 2011. New companies are entering Mexico with factories and jobs, boosting the economy up largely. I see a revolution going on. Nieto's next plans are to cut down and degrade the drug cartels because they are holding Mexico back from an even brighter future. Also, it was shown that the amount of Mexicans coming to America and the amount of Mexican immigrants going back to Mexico were equal.

  • Let's ask a few rhetorical questions

    Are Mexicans still hopping the border? Do gingers have souls? Do boxes hold a lot of stuff (when you put a lot of stuff in them)? Is Colorado more stoned than the people of ancient Israel? Are Mexicans still hopping the border? Wait..... Um yeah, well I've made my point.

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