Do you think Michael Schiavo's actions in the Terri Schiavo case reflected more accurately the wishes of his wife than the actions of her family?

Do you think Michael Schiavo's actions in the Terri Schiavo case reflected more accurately the wishes of his wife than the actions of her family?
  • Absolutely, and as expected

    Michael Schiavo's actions in the Terri Schiavo case were as painful of decisions to be made as are possible on earth. Although flying in the face of the desires of teh family, Michael chose to respect Terry's wishes and follow through on what she would have wanted. He acted selflessly, when it seemed the rest of the family was acting selfishly.

  • Micheal Schiavo's actions reflected more on the wishes of his wife than her family's.

    I think that Michael Schiavo was more interested in honoring the wishes of his wife, rather than what the family wanted. Even though the cases was plagued by a lot of political issues, it was Michael Schiavo's right as Terry Schiavo's husband to have final say in what should have been done with her treatment.

  • A Cautionary Tale

    The case of Terri Schiavo is a wake up call for all of us - no matter what our age or phsycial condition - to have some sort of legal documentation in place regarding our wishes should such a catastrophe occur. It's not hard - you can find Right To Die, Living Wills, and so on freely available on the Internet. At the very least you should designate a person to make your medical decisions in case you are unable to do so - and make sure that your doctor has a copy of the document. The lack of this simple precaution made a painful situation a million times worse because of the difference of opinion of the husband and her parents. We will never know for sure what Terri Schiavo's wishes were because she did not tell us and now she can not. I will say that once your "child" becomes an adult, it is quite likely they are closer to their significant other, or even their friends, than to their parents. I know that I would not wish to live on in that condition. I believe the husband made a horrible, painful decision. I hope he made the correct one.

  • yes it did

    Yes, I think that the actions that were taken in this case were more of the ones that the wife wanted, and that they did not think about what they were doing to the family as a whole. I think that they should have took a way different path then.

  • No it didn't

    I feel that Michael Schiavo clearly acted out of what was most convenient for him, rather than what was best for his wife. Yes, this is a tragic situation to be in in the first place, but the fact is, anybody who claims that this is what Terri wanted is wrong, because she never said what she wanted. Michaels claims on what she wanted are as strong as the families, so I feel that on this case, the intentions of both parties should be looked at. On the families side, it is possible that they were being selfish and wanted their daughter/siste, but it's also possible that they truly felt and loved Terri, and we're doing what she would've wanted. Michael already had another girlfriend. He had millions of dollars from a malpractice suit, which he specially said would be spent on Terris rehab during the case, and probably didn't want the burden of having a severely disabled wife on his hands., not to mention, it would look bad if he had all of this money and didn't spend it on his wife. In light of this, and despite whatever Terri wanted or didn't wanted, I feel that Michael acted out of selfishness and greed, and the interests of Terri were gravely overlooked.

  • Michael Shiavo acted for himself

    Whatever your beliefs on the subject of euthanasia, it should be fairly clear that Michael Shiavo, despite what he may have claimed, was acting in his own interest, not the interest of his wife. The fact that he stood to gain a good deal from her death is a pretty clear indicator of his motivation.

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