• Lady Gaga has proven that she isn't up to the job.

    Miley Cyrus dominated the world of pop in 2013 as Madonna used to. Miley and Madonna both have a provocative image and amazing talent behind it. Lady Gaga has shown she is not up to the job, she couldn't even produce three successful albums. Miley has the stage presence and outrageous antics that Madonna had back in the day, the sort of presence she commands is unbelievable.

  • She is worse.

    Yes, I think Miley Cyrus is the new Madonna, because she, like Madonna relied on flaunting her body and shocking tricks in order to get people's attention. It's a shame, because Miley Cyrus, like Madonna, actually has some talent. But she chooses to sell her body, not her singing ability, just like Madonna did.

  • Goes Beyond Madonna's Shock Factor

    What Madonna was 30 years ago is Miley Cyrus of today. Cyrus even goes beyond what Madonna did. Instead of gesticulating on stage or kissing Britney Spears, Cyrus twerks and jerks around with hardly any clothes on. What was shocking 30 years ago is now tame by comparison. Perhaps Cyrus was born into the wrong family and the Material Girl can adopt Cyrus into her ever-growing brood.

  • She is taking over

    In a way I agree that yes you could call Miley Cyrus the new Madonna. She is just now turning twenty, and has already became extremely famous. This is putting her to a status that Madonna was once at. Also people are starting to forget Madonna, and focus on Miley.

  • At lease Madonna is attractive.

    A lot more attractive actually, than Miley Cyrus. And more original in her performance. I'm surprised to see this debate... And seeing a 60% yes. Really!? Miley Cyrus? No, not a chance. As mentioned in the other opinion, I think Lady GaGa would be a more appropriate comparison to Madonna.

  • No one can be Madonna

    No, I do not believe that Miley Cyrus is the new Madonna. There will never be another Madonna. Miley Cyrus is a young entertainer that is actively trying to shed the Disney image that she was stuck under for most of her career. I would look at Lady GaGa more as a modern day Madonna, but in the end there can be only one!

  • No One Likes Her

    I do not believe Miley Cyrus is the new Madonna. I believe Madonna had a lot of talent and was very innovative in her styling and her changes over the years. I believe most of the people see Miley Cyrus as a leach on society who wrongly thinks she is marketing her self well.

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