Do you think military force will be necessary to end the Cyprus dispute?

  • Military force will be necessary to end the Cyprus.

    The dispute in Cyprus is not going to end peacefully, and military intervention will be necessary in the end to solve the issue. In this way, both sides can come to a peaceful agreement if there are peace keepers in place. This is the best way to stop the violence.

  • No, military force is never the way to end a dispute.

    When it comes to the Cyprus situation, specifically, negotiations are one sided. That is to say, the only option that leadership seems to desire is union. I don't see why the leaders think the least viable way to achieve peace is to give the people what they want. The people seem to want sovereignty. International recognition of the island of Cyprus as separate entities is what needs to be given. They will see that it doesn't allow their population doesn't advance as fast as it could, but they will begin to trade with each other and develop a civil relationship that will allow peaceful peace talks in the future.

  • Cyprus is a small enough country that military force isn't needed,

    Military force will not be needed on Cyprus. Cyprus is a small country with a few political intrigues from people from Italy and Greece. Though military force is not needed, and would escalate things out of proportion, a military presence is usually enough to encourage better involvement in politics and thought.

  • Not 100% Necessary

    I do not believe military force is 100% necessary to end the Cyprus dispute. Hopefully, the only reason that would become a consideration is if it starts spilling over into other countries. I believe it is important to let the dispute play out in a semi-natural way. Hopefully that will lead to the best result.

  • They need negotiations.

    No, I do not think that military force will be necessary to end the Cyprus dispute, because none of the nations and groups involved are very strong countries. Stronger military forces can pressure those involved to sitting across the table from each other in order to reach an amicable solution. This is a good case for mediation.

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