• Roblox only has potential

    Roblox has potential, but it kills it self. It's community is horrible, made up of greifers, trollers, or just downright idiots. Minecraft has a nice different servers with different communities for everyone. Also single player if your just sick and tired of the internet. Although on Roblox it's a bit easier to make a custom game/server.

  • Roblox is stupid

    With minecraftyou can play on xbox, ps3 and pc. Roblox only has one multiplyer server and all these stupid games to play with. And they have guns and cars and already built houses I think the real fun is biulding. Just walking around trying to be a pizza shop manager is stupid

  • Without any doubt.

    Minecraft has mods, one time purchase, without mods still has 10 times more content than roblox, roblox's graphics, compared to minecraft are diminutive and insignificant. Minecraft is much more user friendly and has a better GUI(Graphic User Interface), countless things that minecraft trumps roblox in. Roblox is aimed at a younger audience I suppose, Minecraft on the other hand is aimed at ages 6-128

  • Roblox sux so much

    Roblox games are all crappy rip offs and even if it has guns it needs better graphics texture packs on roblox don't even work and there are tons of trolls and servers are worse so all 4 minecraft besides minecrft has less games now listen here you little shit HYPIXEL, MINEPLEX, Etc so shut about rObLOx Has MoRe gAmeS

  • Minecraft is Better in so Many Ways

    Oh, How can I start?
    Well, I play both games and out of the 2 I overall prefer Minecraft much more. For starters, Roblox has a much more toxic community, Mostly made out of scammers, Trollers, Griefers and Online Daters (Which are really gross and sometimes disturbing. While the quality of the game varies from the creator most of them have scam bots bombarding the servers with spam while the ''Report Abuse'' function usually does not even work. While Minecraft, On the other hand, Is usually a single-player game which means that even if you do play on multiplayer it's just you and the people you invited. While private worlds don't usually have report player functions most of the good quality servers do eg:hypixil that have extremely good moderation, That takes actions such as hacking, Scamming, Trolling and online dating/inappropriate actions

  • Minecraft has unlimited potential.

    Quite literally anything can be done and, to be frank, is done. It is also much more well developed and there are mods for quite literally any occasion. If you want better lucking structures just get forge microblocks or carpenters' blocks, and so on. The potential for Minecraft is just so much more than in Roblox. Also, minecraft is a sandbox game, meaning that anything is possible if you use you're imagination because that is the only true limit to the game MInecraft.

  • No, not at all.

    "Minecraft has mods"

    Useless in a game like roblox.

    "Without mod still has 10 times more content"

    Incorrect. In roblox you can create many things like guns, jet planes, guns, zombies, rpg, tanks, cars, different variety of swords, jetpacks, much more realistic physics.

    "Roblox graphics, compared to minecraft are diminutive and insignificant"

    You can change quality via Roblox Studio. Graphics are not really a huge aspect in gameplay anyways.

    "Minecraft is much more user friendly and has better GUI"

    Roblox is actually very easy to understand. All you need to know is WASD to move and space to jump, or left click to use a tool. Roblox studio isn't however.

    Roblox GUI actually is way better than minecraft's, to me at least. You can also make custom-made gui on your own place like loading screens, health bars/percentage and many more.

    "Countless things minecraft trumps roblox in"

    Like? Roblox has more realistic physics, better animations, blocks that can be resized instead of continuously placing blocks, teleport with a click of the button at where you want to go, cframe (coordinate framing, you can move blocks inside others or rotate them).

    It really depends on who you really are. If you want to play a massive variety of games, trade virtual items or make profit off games you make, ROBLOX is for you. If you prefer games where the goal is kept simple, play privately with friends (although this can be done in roblox) or fight challenging monsters, minecraft is for you.

  • You should not compare these two, as they are different.

    Roblox is a website and social hangout, and can even be considered a game engine. It is not technically a game per-se, but a place to put games.

    Minecraft is a game about survival. Roblox is a game engine and social hangout . Two different things, unable to be compared.

  • Roblox. . .

    Roblox is like minecraft but for people without money. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  • Roblox is much more Advanced

    I think Roblox is better than Minecraft because you can script. When you know how to script anything is possible. This makes the game creative when making and fun when you play it. However I understand that Minecraft is much more popular and addictive, but is it really better than Roblox

  • Scvcv vxcvxc cvxxvc

    In roblox you can use guns and stuff . You can build more detailed things than in minecraft. And yes I have played minecraft. And yes it is fun. How ever I choose roblox. In roblox you can use guns have groups. You can make something liek a football game which u cant do in minecraft

  • No! ROBLOX is totally better than Minecraft.

    ROBLOX has a lot more thought put into it as of where Minecraft is just blocks. You can build more advanced things, share your thoughts with other people in the same server with you, actually have your game shown on the internet browser when someone searches keywords closer to your title, and even just hang out! ROBLOX is the path to creativity!

  • Most Certainly Not!

    I'm not going to say that ROBLOX is ultimately supreme over Minecraft, but I'm not going to say Minecraft is superior to ROBLOX. I say that they have their own features and benefits. A plus point to ROBLOX is that it's free; while Builders Club is a paid feature, you can do a LOT without it (if you are a resourceful person that doesn't want everything handed to them). ROBLOX has a lot more potential for customized game-play. Minecraft has a set of GUIs that cannot be changed, and depending on your likes, the graphics can be considered much worse. Minecraft architecture can become quite huge, but ROBLOX provides a LOT more potential for detailed structure, of varying sizes. Additionally, you can do virtually ANYTHING with ROBLOX, and it's much easier to set up games (or in Minecraft terms, "servers").

  • Minecraft is only a survival game

    In Minecraft all you can basically do is just survive. In ROBLOX you can do that and more. This includes FPS,Roleplay, join groups, free build, survival, or play parodies of other games if you dont want to spend money on the real thing. You also don't have to mod ROBLOX to get all these things because it comes with ROBLOX Studio.

  • I think no.

    Minecraft has multiplayer, too, but all the multiplayer servers are only minigames. Roblox, on the other hand has minigames, roleplay, survival, and much more! Minecraft you can make your own game, but you can in Roblox as well. The only thing that is different is that Minecraft only has blocky things. Roblox has blocky, round, curved, flat, skinny, and much more!

  • It is cool

    Roblox is really a cool game, probably better than Minecraft because roblox adds weapons you cant use in minecraft which is really awesoem that you can do that and if you couldn't do that well i wouldnt support this argument. I like Minecraft but not as much as ROblox! Join Today!

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