Do you think minimizing the impact hospital bills has on credit is a good and helpful idea?

  • Minimizing bad credit for hospital bills is great!

    At some point in our lifetime there could be an illness or accident that can and will effect them. To also have to deal with their credit rating suffering because of it adds insult to injury. This kind of stigma could have a long reach, therefore it is a benefit to minimize it impact on credit ratings to enable people to bounce back faster.

  • People should not be penalized for getting sick

    Unfortunately the US is saddled with this half-private, half-socialized health care and insurance system that is still being debated on the state and federal level by politicians. What this means for the individual citizen is, depending on which state you live in, one's access to health care and financial help if you are sick can vary greatly. Your credit is directly linked with being able to buy a car, rent an apartment, and even get a job. Simply stated, people should not be penalized for getting sick.

  • Sometimes it's just too much.

    Right now, I have over $5,000 worth of medical bills to pay off. No, we are not uninsured: my husband has a good job and a decent insurance through it. We didn't have any major surgeries, either - just several ultrasounds, blood draws, regular doctor visits, etc. The co-pay bills have been coming in like a flood. I am doing my best to pay them, but I can't possibly fork out $5K at once. So, should it affect my credit? I don't think it would be fair. It's not that I don't care to pay my bills. It's just too much.

  • Bills are bills

    I am strongly against medical bills being excluded from credit. There is far too many option for payment plans, assistance, etc. You need to pay ALL your bills to maintain a good credit score. Leaving them off will facilitate people to not pay them at all. There is a skewed thinking in this logic.

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