• Yes, if we are willing to use much more drastic countermeasures.

    1) Arm merchant ships with trained soldiers and weapons during pirate infested passage.
    2) Ships passing through pirate waters must pay a "protection fee" to offset cost of US navy, and other nationals that provide war ship protection and rescue service in the area. This fee is can added to Suez canal passage, or to port fees. Fees can be assessed by size of ship, value of cargo, and by route of passage.
    3) TAKE NO PRISONERS. All caught pirates are to be tossed back into the open sea to be drowned. No going home to some port for a costly trial. Any legitimate war ship captan is authorized to be judge and executioner. Pirates can be defined by their weapons.
    4) Confiscated pirate ships and weapons are taken as "prize" to be auctioned off, and to offset cost of protection.

    Posted by: Helm
  • Yes modern pirate attacks can be stopped.

    These modern-day pirates are taking over boats one hundred times larger and more powerful than the tiny motor boats these pirates are using. Countries need to relax gun laws for the cargo ships that are being high-jacked. These cargo shipped are armed with water cannons and flares, while the pirates are wielding assault weapons. Cargo ships need to be better armed so they can protect themselves. Pirates attack these cargo ships because they are practically defenseless out on the water.

  • Yes, I think modern day pirate attacks can be stopped.

    i believe with enough guarding of waters in areas that are known to have pirate activity that we can largely eliminate modern day pirates, I think there will always be groups of people who will attempt to be pirates regardless of what measures are put in place but we can largely eliminate the problem as a whole.

  • More Than Likely

    I believe modern-day pirate attacks can be stopped. I believe they aren't because of their targets. I believe these pirates target companies and countries that have more difficulty fighting back, so they are easy targets, as the global community doesn't get involved. When you see them become a bigger problem I think you will see a global effort to get rid of them.

  • Yes, modern-day pirate attacks can be stopped.

    I think that modern-day pirate attacks can be stopped. But I think that it would be too expensive for most companies who have to use the ocean to transport their products. One way to stop modern pirate attacks is to always have security personel on boards of ships with weapons.

  • No pirate attacks cannot be stopped.

    Modern day pirate attacks cannot be stopped. This world will always have individuals who are good and individuals who are evil. There will always be people who cause harm to others as they try to take advantage of the weak or the wealthy with sheer force. We just need to get better at preparing and handling these types of attacks with security.

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