• This Is A Myth

    People say this all the time, that people are becoming weaker. Especially men, they just are not manly the way they were in the 1800's or whatever. That is because society has evolved and men do not have to be such stone cold killers. By all means, if people want to live like that to show how manly they are, then go for it. Personally think it would be dumb because those times did not look like fun.

  • In the south

    I think that in a lot of places men are not manly any more. If you look in rural areas though, where men still go hunt and fish and work outside, they are still very manly and are not weak little city boys like is begining to show up in cities.

  • They are evolved.

    Yes, I think that modern men are manly, because most of them still do a lot of masculine things. Most men are stronger than women are. Many men are responsible and provide for their wives and families. Most men work hard at their jobs and take care of responsibilities around the house. They are masculine.

  • I think modern men try to be, but what they think is manly is not.

    When you have examples like the people from the Jersey Shore and other entertainment shows trying to show their idea of manly it spreads to the general population. The men in the 40's and 50's were manly. They did hard work and provided for their families. They got their hands dirty and did amazing things. These days the men just don't have it. They are more concerned with their modern technology.

  • Modern Men are People and Define Themselves

    Some modern men are manly, some are not. It doesn't make sense to define 50% of the population by binary standards like "manly" or "not manly". Instead, we should allow men to define themselves. Modern men should be able to choose who they are, and should not feel trapped by other's definitions of what men should be.

  • Need a gun?

    Modern redneck "men" always act like little twat boys with guns. Most are lazy pansy ass morons. Anyhow I see myself as a guy not a man as I see man as a term usually used by low IQ dipshits. Yeah go grab your gun and shoot an immortal lol I'll just wake up reborn in a spaceship then come back to torture you.

  • A lot aren't

    Even though there are still manly men out there, the majority are, thanks to modern 'liberalism', not very different to females. Many men, especially young ones in my country, voted to remain in the European Union (of Failures), which is a very leftist thing to do. It is a fact that leftism attracts females and feminine men. I'm not saying i'm very manly (although I would say that I am more manly than a lot of young men nowadays.).Not to mention that society pretty much shuns being manly.

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