• Sending the wrong message

    When young girls see how skinny they are, how dolled up and photo shop models are they class that as perfect well at leased the girls i've asked do. This then puts a certain image in their mind, that they have to look like that. Why cant we make natural models, a range of different sizes and show girls that they don't need fancy clothes, they don't need to be size 2 and they don't need to be covered in make- up to be beautiful?

  • Yes They Are

    I believe modern models, generally the females, are far too skinny. I can't identify with those people nor the fashion styles they wear. I can't connect with the actual fashion industry at all because they present outfits that are not wearable in real society on models that don't even compare to my body shape. It's not because I'm obese, my weight is completely healthy, it's because the models are dangerously skinny.

  • Models Model Unhealthy Body Images

    Between the anorexia of the average American model and the image manipulation processes of most American fashion magazines, American girls and women are being served up with an unrealistic, unhealthy example. There has been a lot of lip service about this, but no company seems to be willing to take that step and renounce the use of overly thin models. As a result, young girls in particular suffer from poor body image which leads to problematic behaviors.

  • They're not skinny for the sake of being skinny

    The modelling industry gets models that seem attractive to the consumers. The body type that just so happens to be the most in demand would be one that people would deem "skinny. " It's not saying it is superior to any other body type, It's just what is wanted by the audience. It's like saying more people want an iPhone than a Samsung. Does it mean Samsungs are worse than iPhones? No, They are just less in demand.

  • No, I don't think modern models are too skinny.

    I believe that modern models are appropriate weight for their profession, in order to take some of the best photographs possible to display the fashion items the model in general must be slim and sleek, I believe they accomplish this without getting to the "too skinny" level that makes them look unhealthy.

  • Not Skinny, Just Right

    I feel like our society has made a ton of headway in getting models to be more reasonably sized. A majority of models these days are not the tiny little twigs that they were in the 90's. We still have some problems but a lot of people are going more for models that look like every day people. There has also been a rise in plus size models.

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