• Yes, money has a future.

    Of course money has a future. As long as our society is guided by the capitalistic ideals and principles of most of the most powerful countries on Earth, then money will always exist. Without money, I do not even think that most of the countries on the planet would know how to govern.

  • Classical economics explains that money is a veil.

    While currency style and controls may change with technology, there is a need to categorize and have a standard valuation of the labor and production of individuals. Money is a veil that can take many forms, but it is necessary so that someone who builds houses can buy food, and someone who makes food can buy a house.

  • Yes it does

    Money may not always look the same as it does now,but money definitely safe a future. We need some form of currency to regulate price for goods and services. Without some form of currency, it will be a huge problem trying to come up with something besides the trade and barter system.

  • Yes, currency will always exist regardless of what it is called.

    Currency has always been around. Before money there was the barter system, where currency was equal to goods and services but the rules of supply and demand still existed, as did fluctuations in the perceived value of the goods and services. Looking at the recent drama surrounding Bitcoin only solidifies the idea in my mind. Money can be anything. It's value is only what it is perceived to be by the people that use it. Yet, people will always create currencies for themselves.

  • Would Assume So

    I believe money does have a future. Humans have been using different methods to trade goods, but money put a neutral product on the market that everyone would want equally. I think currency can be a good thing if it is backed by gold or a precious metal. I think the fiat money that so many are using is inherently dangerous.

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