Do you think more attention should be given to anxiety disorders in contemporary society?

  • More attention through alternative remedies.

    More attention should be given to anxiety disorders in contemporary society because most of it is unnecessary mental anguish. Researchers need to pay more attention to the connection between Vitamin D3 from the sun and the feeling of well-being. If we were to look at alternative remedies for such problems more frequently, we'd get rid of many cases of anxiety.

  • Yes They Should

    As a person that deals with anxiety on a daily basis I do believe anxiety disorders need more attention in contemporary society. My anxiety was terrible with the my last job where I had a micro-managing control freak for a manager and he rarely understood or even tried to understand how I clicked or worked, he simply knew I was different and that must be wrong. I'm not here to be different for the rest of the world and I don't feel like I need to conform just because of the tendency to have anxiety.

  • The world suffers

    Anxiety disorders have become increasingly prevalent in our work-based society and it's no surprise you see them pop up the most in condensed, stressful urban city areas. These are not inventions of pharmaceutical companies, but genuine disorders that need to be addressed and the people who suffer from them need to be treated with respect and treatment.

  • Learn to Deal With Mental Diversity

    The problem that people with various mental disorders face is that many people have no idea of how to deal positively with the human being behind the diagnosis. In the case of anxiety, this can make things worse as insensitive people can add to fear and anxiousness. There are lots of ways of being in the world and lots of people deal with daily challenges. As a culture, we would do well to learn to be more accepting and caring for and about people with mental health struggles.

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