Do you think more people become gay because of how totally western society has embraced the orientation, And the propaganda of the gay lobby?

Do you think more people become gay because of how totally western society has embraced the orientation, And the propaganda of the gay lobby?
  • I believe yes because of what I've seen

    I didn't believe that gay pride, Gay marriage, Gay celebrities, Western societies acceptance of said persuasion, The efforts of pro gay organizations had any effect of number of gay people. In later years I've been approached a whole lot more by younger guys on the internet even though I state that I'm not gay. Seems there's a whole lot more younger people know even teens who are into testing homosexual activities with older guys. It could be coincidence but maybe more likely the constant focus and status of gay people has had an effec

  • I believe so.

    Very few People are actually gay. Most of them are just confused, And because of the homosexual agenda, More and more People become. . . Gay. ! Gay celebrities, Gay movie characters. . . Homosexuality îs every where and that îs why s-o many People become gay. Unfortunately, Once you become gay, You hardly go back.

  • It's all about gratification.

    Ejaculate, Roll over and go to sleep. Thank you very much. Job done until the next time. The mind drive is exactly the same no matter what one licks or sucks or penetrates. "Gay" is simply a definition. People are always people, People don't become something else simply because they're feeling horny. All the peripheral chit chat we create as justification is merely conceptual nonsense.

  • Epigenetics and Methylation

    We each carry the sequence for attraction to males and to females within our genes. The sex chromosome (X or Y) is supposed to determine which attraction is expressed. In our modern era (20th century onward) we have become inundated with a massive variety of chemicals and synthetic substances. Epigenetics is the study of how these substances and our own emotions (experienced over extended periods) affect whether or not a gene is switched on when it should be off, Or vice versa. Since women are born with their full complement of eggs, Much of epigenetic research now focuses on the methylation of gene sequences within the paternal sperm cell.

    Another factor is how our emotions and our own hormonal cocktail influences the epigenetic activation of genes through methylation. In some people, Due in large part to the epigenetic activation of the sequence associated with their non-birth gender, The aatraction to the same sex is switched on - made dominant in how it is expressed. It is, In theory, Possible that both attraction sequences are equally activated.

    This will become more and more prevalent as our techno-industrial age progresses. Therefore more and more people will be born with, Or develop, A wide assortment of gene sequences on which should be off and others off which should be on.

  • It is simple.

    People are gay because they are attracted to people of the same gender; nothing more or less. The fact that western culture has embraced homosexuality and the LGBT community probably means that more people are openly gay but has not affected the number of gay people. The embracing of the LGBT community is only a good thing.

  • No thats stupid

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  • Acceptance has led gay people to come out, But not to people becoming gay

    The concept of acceptance making people gay is ridiculous to me. Sexual orientation is something you’re born with or at the very least is formed in infancy. The seemingly increased gay population is because acceptance has made gay people more comfortable coming out of the closet. There’s less fear of violence or discrimination than there was say 50 years ago

  • What the hell? It doesn't matter.

    Why do you care about how people become gay? I do not worry why people are straight. It seems as though people only investigate the origins of gayness as a means to discriminate against gay people.

    Like, I don't care how somebody ends up taking up the hobby of knitting- so I don't try to craft an elaborate biological explanation as to why they do. There's nothing wrong with knitting, So why would I think so heavily about how people adopt a knitter's orientation? There may be gene expressions, Epigenetics, And all of that involved- but on a deeper level, I don't prioritize discovering why because knitting is by no means an epidemic, And there is no reason why people should try and negate it. It is my argument that people should think the same way about sexuality. It's not hurting anybody.

  • Maybe, But not really.

    Yes people may have gotten confused with their sexuality and thought they were attracted to the opposite sex, However we have become a more accepting society, Therefore more people have had more courage to come out as a homosexual. Before homosexuality was accepted as now, Homosexual people had to pretend to be heterosexual, Because they simply were scared to come out, As they would be judged (and it also was illegal for a while).

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