• ¨12 Years A Slave¨ should be watched to show the realization of slavery.

    People down play slavery. They do not understand the realization of what happened in this country of ¨equality¨, movies like ¨12 years a slave¨ exploit slavery, to show people how African American were treated. In the movie the man is wrongly accused of being a slave, and from there he was taken away from his family and left to be a slave for 12 years. This was not the only person who had this done to them. This happen to hundreds of free African Americans. Slavery needs more attention. It should not be brushed off like it is today. People need to know the truth.

  • More people should see the movie '12 Years a Slave'.

    More people should see the movie '12 Years a Slave'. '12 Years a Slave' is the recounted story of an African American who was kidnapped and forced to be a slave in Louisiana in the 1800's. The topic of slavery is an important facet of American history and people should see the movie to see what life was like for African Americans in the 1800's in America.

  • It is a period movie.

    Yes, I think that more people should see the movie 12 years a slave, because it is a very relevant period piece. There are not many movies that are set in the pre-civil war era. The movie also tells a compelling story about what it was like to effectively be a slave in that era.

  • Too many movies about this subject that should be dead.

    Passed by Congress on January 31, 1865, and ratified on December 6, 1865, the 13th amendment abolished slavery in the United States.
    This means that it has been about 150 years since slavery even existed in the U.S. This means that no only are all the people ever involved with slavery are long dead but so are their children and probably their grandchildren. Nobody here has ever met a former slave or a former slave owner. Does this mean we have forgotten about it? Of course not, it is taught in every school in the U.S. Trust me, we know about slavery already without having a movie about it. About the only thing movies like this do is make some black people angry at white people.
    Basically, it turn some black people into racists. Sorry but all the white people that did that are all dead. My ancestors who migrated from Northern Europe around 1910-1930 long after slavery was done here. The part of the U.S. we live was once a part of the underground railroad so used to help slaves escape.
    Movies with slave in them have been around since 1903 but in the past 3 years there have been 9 movies involving slavery, 6 of them in 2013 alone. We didn't need this one and we surely don't need more.

  • No, we all know slavery was awful

    I think we all know that slavery is dehumanizing and wrong. From what I've read about it, the movie shows very disturbing scenes of sadism and abuse. Frankly, I don't need more of that in my head. I want to be entertained by a movie, not beaten up. I'm going to pass on Twelve Years A Slave.

  • I'd rather see them do other things

    I'd rather see people spending that time reading a book, donating time helping others, spending it with family, exercising...etc. I just would rather see less people staring at a screen and instead be more involved with life. I'm not taking anything anyway from the movie and even if you justify watching it based on educational reasons at least be able to say you read the book first.

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