Do you think more should be done to extract mineral resources from Silesia?

  • More shuld be done

    More should be done in Silesia to extract mineral resources from the earth. This would benefit the economy in the region and the job creations would be great. They could also sell some of the minerals to other area of the world and this would help commerce in the region.

  • Yes, more should be done to extract mineral resources in Silesia.

    I think that if there are ways and plans to extrace more mineral resources from Silesia, it should be done. I think that the mineral sources there will be of a great benefit for a lot of people. I think that if the pros outweigh the cons of such a tactic, it should be done.

  • Silesia should not do more to allow mineral extraction in order to preserve its natural beauty and natural resources for future generations.

    Silesia is well-known as a source of coal, marble, and precious metals and minerals in Europe. These industries are historical and well-developed. In addition to these "dirty" industries, Silesia is well known for its beautiful mountainous regions and agricultural production. Instead of extracting more minerals through technologies which have questionable environmental effects, more should be done to focus on turning current industry green and expanding conservation efforts so that children and their grandchildren will be able to enjoy their homeland.

  • No, more should not be done to extract mineral resources in Silesia

    The mineral resources are already being extracted from Silesia at the highest rate reasonably possible. If we direct more resources to extract more minerals, then it will possibly cause adverse effects on the mineral extraction process. This is why I think we should not do more to extract mineral resources.

  • No, we should focus on here

    I think that we should be using more money to extract minerals from the United States. We should be trying to create jobs and prosperity here in our own country and minerals are a good way to do that. Also, we do not want to be dependent on other countries in any way.

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