Do you think more Washington Mud Slides will occur?

  • Yes, wacky weather patterns have been swamping the entire US with unfavorable conditions.

    The amount of precipitation seen in some areas of the United States is off the charts, including the Washington area. This freak amount of moisture combinined with humans living in hilly areas is a recipe for disaster. People living on the side of water-logged mountains and hills are bound to spell a problem in the future.

  • Geologically They Will

    Washington is prone to mud slide due to the topography and geology in the area. This could be said of the area stretching far back into time. There is no reason to believe that mud slides will magically stop. Geology and geography a like can tell you that this area will always remain at risk of mudslides.

  • Depends how much rain they get

    If Washington state had a drier season than usual, and now they are getting a lot of rain, then yes, there will be more mudslides. If Washington is expected to get a lot of rain in general, then that could cause more mudslides. It all just depends how loose the soil is, and how much rain the state is going to get.,

  • Yes, I think we will be seing more of these.

    Yes, I think more Washington mud slides will occur. I think the weather was to blame for this last mud slide. It's been a harsh winter across the country. There have been huge amounts of snow, temperatures jumping from one extreme to the other, and then steady rain. As long as these heavy rains continue, I believe Washington will be at risk for more mud slides.

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