Do you think Morgan Freeman will make a good voice for GPS navigation?

  • Already is one

    There is already a Morgan Freeman GPS. People know who Morgan Freeman is so hearing him give directions would be better than someone you don't know and someone who sounds robotic. It would make driving calmer for people who are on really long road trips and want a soothing voice to talk to them.

  • Yes, Morgan Freeman will make a good voice for GPS

    I think that Morgan Freeman will make an excellent voice for GPS. He has such a recognizable voice, and excellent narration skills which he showcased in so many documentaries that having him as a GPS voice will be amazing. His voice is calming, and it would be like having Morgan Freeman traveling with you.

  • He has an authoritative voice

    Morgan Freeman has an authoritative voice which is great for dictating instructions. In the Batman movies, he did not speak much but his words mattered. It's going to be the same with the GPS, his words will be important and since people already associate him with authoritative roles, they will follow his instructions.

  • Freeman's voice much more soothing

    Yes, Morgan Freeman would make a good voice for GPS navigation. His low, smooth voice is pleasurable to listen to and has an air of authority that could be reassuring to lost and frustrated drivers. The computerized female voice is ok, but Freeman can add a Hollywood-type vibe to the sometimes frustrating system.

  • I do not think Morgan Freeman will make a good voice for GPS navigation.

    Although I very much like to hear Morgan Freeman narrate, I think his voice may be a distraction when reading driving directions. Drivers are distracted enough these days without chuckling over gps navigation voice. I personally think a monotone female voice is the best voice. It is what we have all become use to with voice mail and iphones.

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