Do you think most EU member states are more focused on the removal of Roma (yes) instead of their integration (no)?

  • Yes, the Roma are assumed to be undesirables

    Many countries in Europe consider the Roma a social scourge,
    whether they will admit it or not. They have policies designed to remove them
    and send them elsewhere. Roma who are caught committing crimes are likely to be
    deported, and so are Roma who have not been convicted of anything at all.
    Prejudice is not dead in Europe, though it is in hiding.

  • Yes, in most cases the Roma are not wanted.

    As is the case in most nations of the world as it concerns most minorities that the majority finds too different or troublesome, mostly what they want is to have this minority gone. They do not really want or focus on integration but rather hope that without encouragement these people will disappear.

  • Publicly for integration

    The EU loves to publicly say they are trying to integrate the Roma, and take all of the steps to do so, but, in fact, they are not doing more than superficial work on the issue. People have deep seated distrust for the Roma that goes back generations, and people don't change that quickly.

  • Slowly getting accepted

    No, they are not slowly getting pushed out, I think that they are slowly getting accepted, and one day will be completely mixed in the culture like the Hispanics and blacks are here in the United States. They are going through the same thing that we did with our races.

  • I think the EU supports Roma

    I could be wrong here, but it seems that most EU member states are focused on the integration of Roma. If for nothing else, in the name of fairness and political correctness. Everything I have heard has been about the inclusion of roma and wanting Roma to be a part of everything.

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