• Yes the do

    Yes, when a mother has a premature baby she is going to go through a tough time trying to make sure that the baby is healthy and does not have any problems while they are trying to develop, and a little support would help them out a lot with these problems.

  • the financial assistance

    I personally agree,The definition of prematue birth should be kept the same. Children that are born sooner then 37 weeks have not fully developed in the womb. By keeping the definition as is, medical professionals can quickly communicate the status of the child and therefore be on the look out for the issues associated with a non-full term baby. Given that medical technology has improved such that time in the womb can be more accurately measured, this klind of communication is even more important

  • I think mothers with premature babies deserve financial assistance.

    I think mothers with premature babies deserve financial assistance. I think in the interest of social humanitarianism mothers who give birth to premature babies deserve to receive financial assistance in order to help save the baby's life. Modern America is a very empathetic nation and social suffering is frowned upon in our current society.

  • No, that doesn't seem smart.

    I'm sorry, but financial assistance for what? I live in the United States where our new health laws are now in effect, which means that the baby's medical expenses are fully covered. I am sure that the trauma of giving birth to a child that may not survive is considerable, let's not open the checkbook just because.

  • No They Don't

    I do not believe mothers with premature babies deserve financial assistance. Having a child is expensive and those expenses start out right from the beginning. I do not believe having a baby early justifies financial assistance. Of course the child should receive whatever medical care it requires, as should the mother, but they aren't owed money just because a baby came early.

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