Do you think movies are taking things too far in hopes of making them more realistic?

  • Movies are fantasies

    In fact, movies are all fantasies. This is the nature of movies. Somehow, movies are for entertainment and the movie makers use various means to let audience experience the impossible things in the reality in their movies. So I agree that movies are taking things to far in hopes of making them realistic.

  • I do not

    I think making movies realistic is a good thing. People enjoy movies that they can relate to. I don't think movies need to be so outrageous that nobody can relate. People have a choice as to what they watch. If they don't like something that's realistic, they probably should choose not to watch.

  • Realist Movies: Room for Improvement

    Although movies are becoming increasingly realistic with the help of technology and imaging, there are still developments in process and the possibility of even more improvement. With more fantastical ideas and stories in the pipeline, the use of technology is unavoidable, and it is necessary for the film industry to continue striving for greater.

  • Realism doesn't sell tickets

    Movies take things too far, or over the proverbial line, solely in the hope of getting more people to the theater. Sex, blood, violence, death and fear all capture the modern movie-goer more than does a compelling story or engaging plot. Any scene can be saved from dreary irrelevance with a bit of a fast-paced car chase, nude actresses or bullets entering and exiting skulls,

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