• Yes, I do think some movies that are based on books do the movie justice

    It really depends on the movie and book, but I do think some movies do their books justice. For example, Hunger Games. The movies are perfect and captures everything that was in my mind as I read the book, plus more. Watching the movies that are based off of books I have read and enjoy is like bringing a fantasy to life

  • Yes They Do

    Like most people I don't like to read a book and then compare it to a movie. When comparing the books Hannibal and the film Hannibal, it shows you how much a film has to let go in order to make a film a suitable length and that they will change the story line, if it suits the filmmaker. I believe some films do a story justice and others don't, it really just depends on the filmmaker and the details in the book.

  • No, movies based on books do not do justice to the story

    There are a lot of movies that have been based on books and those movies do nothing for the story being told. Books have a lot of information in them, and are very detailed. When a story is made into a movie, it can't include all the information or the movie would be very long.

  • Not at all

    No, I do not think that movies do justice to a story at all when the story was written in a book to start out. I think that the movie gets a lot of the story wrong, and that it ruins the whole reason the book was even wrote to start.

  • Movies can't do justice because they are so short.

    Movies based on books do not do justice to the story because so much content must be stripped to make a movie short enough to be produced and be profitable. Movies tend to do at least a somewhat good representation of a storyline, but frequently many facts are removed or even distorted.

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