Do you think Mt. Gox has the right to keep the 200,000 Bitcoins it "found"?

  • Mt. Gox Should Keep "Found" Bitcoins - And Distribute to Investors

    The worlds largest Bitcoin exchange, Mt. Gox, has declared bankruptcy after a vile group of hackers stole nearly 850,000 bitcoins. Now the Japanese company has declared that it has "found" over 200,000 "lost" bitcoins valued at over $116 million dollars in an old wallet. The company should be able to keep the bitcoins to pay to its investors, who lost everything when the company failed.

  • I Suppose So

    There are no laws, regulations, or rules regarding electronic currency like Bitcoin. This currency only has value because some people feel it has value. There's nothing backing it up. I believe Mt. Gox does have the right to keep the 200,000 Bitcoins it "found." Bitcoins are risky because of their volatility and how they are stored.

  • It's not even legal.

    No, I do not think that Mt. Gox has the right to keep up the 200,000 Bitcoins it found, because Bitcoin is illegal in the United States. Bitcoin is another currency. In the United States, only U.S. currency is legal, that is in the constitution. The 200,000 Bitcoins and all Bitcoins should be forfeited, because they are illegal.

  • Absolutely not no

    Bitcoins are illegal under the coinage act of 1857, they should all be forfeited and all the miners arrested for robbery, plus if 850,000 Hutchins went missing it's probably because bitcoins aren't even safe in the slightest, this debunks the myth that bitcoins cannot be stolen, in the event that they get stolen, why don't they just mine more? It's not that hard really, you just go over to your bit coin generator, put in 850,000 and hit "mine!" Easy!

  • Mt. Gox has no right to keep the "found" Bitcoins

    Mt. Gox is currently filing for bankruptcy in the Japanese courts. It has no right to keep the 200,000 Bitcoins it found. Because the Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency, it will be difficult to discern how the money should be turned over, but the fact of the matter is that the lost Bitcoins should no longer be in Mt. Gox's posession.

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