Do you think NASA’s budget of $18 billion is too large considering the economic times?

  • Ridiculous amount of money

    An $18 billion budget for a Cold War leftover is preposterous. There are very few things that NASA science has done for people, and maybe if that money was being redirected toward research into curing something like poverty, that would be great, but the space program is a relic and until the Earth's natural resources are completely drained, there's no reason to invest heavily in it.

  • Too Much Money

    The government is already in debt as it is. We do not need to be spending a lot of money. The us will probably collapse if we do not get out of debt any time soon. NASA can support itself if it needs to and the government can pay what they need.

  • Considering that the national deficit is in the trillions, 18 billion doesn't seem too large.

    At face value, 18 billion seems like a very large sum of money. In relation to a national deficit in the trillions, however, it is really not all that large. It's also important to remember that NASA doesn't dedicate its time exclusively to space exploration. It also deploys satellites and monitors space conditions.

  • No some things are more important

    There are a lot of things in the US that we spend too much money on, but I don't think NASA is one of them. We pay a single athlete hundreds of millions of dollars and they do nothing to further society. NASA could hold the key to our future so it is worth the investment.

  • NASA’s budget of $18 billion is not too large considering the economic times.

    NASA's budget is not too large considering the economic times. It's necessary to keep this important part of our nation's scientific community well funded. We have already invested a lot in the space program, and we cannot let other countries get ahead of us just because of an economic recession.

  • I don't know

    I honestly just wanted to be the first to type something on this side...But yes I do think that 18billion is WAY to much to be spending during these times. I find it very sad to be honest because out of all the problems on earth itself we are focusing on everything OUTSIDE of it. I really just don't get it ?_?

  • It is not.

    NASA's budget of $18 billion is not too large considering the economic times. If anything, it is way too small. If we are worried about how money is being spent in these economic times, then we need to look at our military spending because it is totally out of control.

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