Do you think NASA should sell mining rights to the moon to private companies?

  • That would be awesome!

    If some fortune 500 company wants to buy rights to dig on the moon, why not let them? It would provide the company with a huge amount of press and it would get the United States some much needed money to spend on all of their welfare programs and foreign aid. It's a win-win for everyone.

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  • People would not accept the moon in private hands.

    I am not even sure whether NASA even have the rights to sell the moon to private companies, but I think even if they did, the idea of private companies owning anything on the moon would be so abhorrent to most of the earths population, that I think there would be a massive backlash and they would be stopped from doing so.

  • No Nasa should not sell mining rights.

    First off the moon is not the property of the United States. It belongs to the world entire. Therefore they would be overstepping their grounds. Second of all, a lot of our weather and ocean activity is determined by the moon. Who is to say that mining on the moon would not affect that in an adverse way. It could lead to much bigger problems, weather anomalys and natural disasters.

  • No they shouldn't sell mining rights to the moon.

    First of all, it would be a violation of the Moon Treaty. Countries have signed a document, much like Antarctica, that no one has property rights to the moon. No "one" nation can own or hold sovereignty over the moon. Second of all, NASA doesn't own rights to the moon. NASA is not the sole space program in the world and cannot legally dish out legal rights to property that they do not own. But for simple reasons, every nation should be careful about spreading their influence into space. The nations can barely respect each others property rights and sovereignty on Earth in contemporary times.

  • No, Nasa should not sell mining rights to the moon.

    NASA should not sell mining rights to the moon to private companies. I think that the moon is something that the United States should protect at every cost. Selling mining rights to the moon to private companies would be a complete breach of trust between the organization and the American people who pay for their wages.

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