Do you think Navy man that committed arson received the proper punishment?

  • no one is above the law

    When one commits an offense when he has to act decisively and punish the perpetrator as to not recur. No one has the right to be a privileged grievances, especially someone who has so much power and power is sweet and wants to deceive. No one is privileged, and nobody should feel too powerful to think that justice is attainable. Because justice is attainable

  • No, he should have had a minimum 10-year sentence.

    Russell Tavares' anger-laced actions could have killed John Anderson. It is my belief that Tavares went after John Anderson in a rage and did not have control of his anger. As a decorated Navy man, Tavares should have had the maturity and self-discipline to de-escalate the online conflict that led to his act of arson. The premeditated nature of his actions is evident in his 1300-mile drive to confront the victim. He had plenty of time to come to his senses and avert an escalation. He chose instead to set Anderson's home on fire. In Texas, the penalty for attempted murder is a minimum of ten years, which Tavares deserves, in my opinion.

  • Criminal sentences should be fair and consistent with the law for all citizens.

    Under law, the crime of arson is punishable by 10 years to life in state prison. A mere seven year punishment for the crime is unjust and unfair. Though the Internet feud between the two men may have escalated to a point that demanded action, engaging in a criminal activity that could seriously injure or even kill someone is absolutely unacceptable. The law should be consistent for all who are tried under it for committing a crime.

  • Major Misconduct Offenses

    An offense is classified a Major Misconduct without regard to the offender’s age when the offense was committed, or whether the offense was disposed of by juvenile or adult criminal proceedings. A felony arrest that is adversely adjudicated as a lesser offense classification shall be considered a Major Misconduct Offense for enlistment waiver purposes. If a charge listed below was classified as something lesser than a felony by the state, it will still be considered a Major Misconduct Offense for Conduct Waiver purposes.

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