• Yes I support the statement

    Without need, Invention would not be possible and without invention life would not be so easy and comfortable as it is in current time. History of human being since starting includes unlimited inventions in different forms whether it was creation of fire or the achievement of walking to the moon. Necessity has always inspired human to invent something for better living. Without invention we cannot even imagine our world. Human nature is full of expectations and demands which has pushed them to invent new inventions and creations. Various great inventions have been made till now about which no one even thought or expected before. Without inventing new things, Our life would be just useless and boring with no dreams and expectations. Requirements and needs are the main cause for new inventions.

  • Yes. Necessity is and will be the mother of invention. This is because we want to make life easier hence people will continue inventing.

    People find means to make life easier, hence they come up with innovative ways to make it. Despite the fact that most things were invented long back, people continue find other solutions to upgrade those systems which are in place. For example, upgrading of computer software system to include new features which are easy to get through.

  • When We Need Something, We Invent Them

    When humans need something, we invent it. When we needed an easier way to transport things, we invented the wheel. When Americans needed a way to end World War II, we invented the atomic bomb. When astronauts aboard Apollo XIII needed a solution to send them home safely, engineers found a way to filter out carbon dioxide so the three men could survive the journey. Necessity will always be the mother of invention in human nature and this will continue to be so for as long as the human race survives.

  • We invent what we need

    Necessity is the mother of invention because necessity provides an easy frame from which to begin innovating ideas. People realize a task that needs solved, and then try to come up with ways to solve it. Maybe they will not discover it until later, but often a lightbulb will flip on with the idea.

  • Yes, necessity is the mother of invention.

    I think that necessiry is still the mother of invention. I also think that it always will be. Nothing encourages somebody to innovate and invent more than necessity. While there are different factors that will help to create, necessity is something that triggers us as human beings to advance our creativity.

  • We want to solve our problems.

    Yes, I think that necessity is still the mother of invention, because people still want to think of better ways to do things. People still want to solve their problems. They don't like it when things are hard or don't work, and are still thinking of things that work better, like faster computers, and new medical technology.

  • No, I don't think most things are invented out of necessity.

    No, I do not believe that necessity is still the mother of invention. I think we already have more than enough in this day in age. Greed and laziness seems to be the mother of invention now. I think we only need the basics and our culture is spoiled to have more than we need. They past generations didn't have all the new technology and they made it just fine.

  • The Other Mother- unless "invention" is the "pig" in the proverbial a spit roast.

    Mark Zuckerberg (hmm...Not an inventor whom I prefer to name, but for the sake of argument, a modern reference seems more appropriate), Steve Jobs, Alan Turing, Issac Newton, something Humphrey, Albert Einstein; these people are amongst the many who are reasonably classified as inventors, and it is because I can list these names that reside amidst the many, it just goes to show necessity is not the mother of invention.

    If necessity were the mother of invention, then why haven't every John Doe and Jane Doe in the world been credited with the inventing the inventions invented by the aforementioned inventors? Quite simply, it is willpower, physical resources, culture, legal frameworks, inborn intangible assets, like intelligence and grit, etc., that push necessity through the barriers of inertia and nonchalance within individuals that result in the creation of inventions. Case in point, there are fewer startups, today, in America than in the 1970s- comfort or simply sloth, makes it more appealing (in a plethora of ways) to pursue a career at a large organization that to create one from scratch.

    As such, to only credit necessity as the mother of invention is erroneous- if mother is of course just a component in a whole litany of relatives relevant to the inventing of inventions. And even if one were to say that necessity is the precursor that gets the ball rolling, a person's ability to perceive what is a necessity or not (not all of us thought smartphones would bring us the convenience we benefit from today; apparently Palm did, before Apple made it cool); for instance, for a person who stays in the desert and finds the daily heat unbearable, would not seek to invent something that would increase temperature of his living environment.

    We choose what is necessary, and even so, when faced with a necessity (we define it as necessary), if the price of affordable, we will pay for it- like the mom who starved her toddler to death because she was too engrossed in playing WoW, or pooping in your pants in public rather than doing it in the toilet.

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