• It is a way to stop spreading infection

    It is not a question of ethical proportion, it is what the exchange is providing. In the respect, yes, I believe that the needle exchange is the right thing for society. The exchange stops the spread of non-curable diseases such as AIDS and Hep C. When it is minimized among a certain group it is less likely to spread to others.

  • Yes they are

    Yes, I think that needle exchange programs, when completely monitored and have strict oversight, can be ethical and beneficial. I think that need exchange programs are needed so that people get off of drugs, and when those who are professionals take over the program than a lot of good can be done.

  • yes i do

    Yes, I do think that these needle exchange programs are ethical, and that there is not a whole lot wrong with having them going. I think that they do a lot more good than harm, and that the people will like to have them in place and running as it is.

  • Yes,needle exchange programs are ethical.

    Yes,needle exchange programs are ethical.These programs are designed to cut down on deaths and the spread of disease.Some may say that it promotes drug use but in reality more people may actually get into rehab programs which would of course cut down on needle exchange and in turn cut down on death and disease.

  • Needle exchanges are wrong

    Needle exchanges are not ethical and hurt the people that they are intending to help. I promotes drug use and will encourage the people trying to stop to continue with their bad habit. It also costs the tax payers money to run the programs at a time when governments don't have the money.

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