• Neil Armstrong's 'small step for man' might be a misquote, study says

    When astronaut Neil Armstrong uttered what became one of the best-known -- and most debated -- quotes in all of history, he actually might have said it exactly the way he meant to, not the way people heard it.

    After Armstrong lowered his left foot from the landing craft to the surface of the moon, people watching around the world heard him call it "one small step for man."

    Both he and NASA initially insisted that he said "one small step for a man," and now a new and novel study on the much-analyzed quote backs him up.

  • Neil Armstrong appears to have been misquoted

    Neil Armstrong's infamous quote when he landed on the moon appears to have been heard incorrectly. The world heard him call it "one small step for man," but this is not what Armstrong thought he said, and NASA stated the actual quote was "one small step for a man," Given the technology of the day, it is easy to understand how it would be hard to hear.

  • Yes, he was

    People now a days take everything out of context or the way they think things were said. Nobody really stops to listen and actually understand what is being talked about. This is why there are so many conflicts all over the world. People just need to stop, pay attention and listen.

  • Neil Armstrong was not misquoted

    Neil Armstrong was not misquoted; however, there is some dispute as to whether his famous statement upon stepping on the moon was what he originally intended to say. Regardless of what he said, the wordsmithing relative to it is way overblown and serves only to distract from the amazing accomplishment of the time.

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