• They are both contributors.

    Yes, I think that Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a modern-day Carl Sagan, because they both made great contributions to their field astrophysics. Tyson calls himself a science communicator. This is one key way in which he is like Carl Sagan, because both Tyson and Sagan have made great efforts to communicate science so that common people can understand it.

  • Yes He Is

    According to Wikipedia Tyson will be hosting Cosmos: A Space-Time Odyssey, a sequel to Carl Sagan's Cosmos: A Personal Voyage television series starting March 2014. Given the fact that Tyson is following a comparable career path and he's demonstrated an ability to explain complicated theories to the masses, I would say they are comparable and if anything, Tyson is carrying on his legacy.

  • The same values

    Yes, I do think that this man is very similar to Carl Sagan, so much so that he could be called a modern day version of him. I think that they have a lot of similar ideas, and are both very knowledgable. Also they believe in the same values and ethics.

  • These men are alike in their roles.

    Neil DeGrasse Tyson is a modern-day Carl Sagan. These men were both advanced in their fields of the sciences and both expose the masses to these disciplines. It is a great thing that two such intelligent people are held in high regard in a world of destructive pop culture. These men both spread great knowledge and one is akin to the other.

  • Neil DeGrasse Tyson is on earth.

    Carl Sagan did great things for the exposure of complicated science theories to a larger audience. His work in video and audio was unprecedented at the time. It was thought that talking about science in terms a lay person could understand would confuse them for science later on. They were wrong. Neil Degrasse Tyson does not approach science in this same way. He continues to approach experiments from a scientific perspective, he just makes his experiments interesting. He is also not afraid to get on tv shows and speak plainly about science and experiments that have supported certain theories. He is not afraid to tell someone they are wrong, and that is his appeal. Carl Sagan approached his science with a mystical undertone. Tyson just puts it out there and lets you decide whether it is interesting or not.

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