Do you think new voter registration laws will affect voter turnout at the polls?

  • Voter registration laws are likely to suppress voter turnout

    New voter registration laws in many states will suppress turnout. Many states have adopted laws requiring voters to present photo identification. However, those that are poor or live in certain areas are likely to have great difficulty in obtaining this ID. This will cause voter turnout to decline through these restrictions.

  • Yes, they will decrease turnout

    New voter registration laws will decrease the amount of voters that turnout at caucuses, primaries, and general elections. At this present moment, less than 50% of those able to vote in elections actually do so, because of the confusion on how to register, and the hassle. Making more voting laws will only decrease those willing to vote.

  • New voter registration laws will not affect voter turnout

    The pomp and circumstance surrounding new voter registration laws will have no effect on voter turnout. This is really much ado about nothing. People are required to produce ID for obtaining a driver license, receiving federal or state government benefits, and a whole host of other reasons. For some reason, it is believed that requiring voter ID levees some sort of undue hardship upon people. If people really want to vote, they will do what is necessary.

  • Voter Registration Laws are Necessary

    Turnout at the polls will not differ, but possibly add a bit more confusion if they are not laid out the way they should be for the general public to be aware of the changes. This is one of the most highly televised and media circus elections we have seen in years. The voters are turning out because they want to be a part of history or change their lives by voting in a new President, I can tell you that this will not be the laws that keep them from coming to the polls.

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