• New York's bike lanes

    New York's bike lanes are working they have created a new space for New Yorkers to ride freely without the distractions and the fear that they will be hurt while riding their bikes. I think it was a good idea to create these lanes for the safety of the public.

  • The bike lanes are working

    The bike lanes of New York City are working. What exactly are they working at you ask? Well, they are working at reducing traffic congestion, perhaps as not as much as we'd like, but it's still early in the program. They are working at getting people off their butts and getting them active as well.

  • It helps with traffic.

    Yes, New York's bike lanes are working, because they do a lot to help clear up traffic. Without the lanes, bikes and cabs and other vehicles are all together in the same lane. This can cause a lot of clogging, because the vehicles have to be very cautious of bikers.

  • No, nothing in that city is working.

    Debate Question: Do you think New York's bike lanes are working?:

    New York will never have any type of safe transportation because of the fact that they let cab drivers do whatever they want. Because of that, normal citizens get mad and do whatever they want. Then that leads to biker citizens to do whatever they want. Then normal walking people to do whatever they want. Then nothing happens. Amazingly everyone survives. Oh wait, a biker got a ticket for using the sidewalk when the bike lane was unusable due to all the parked cars. But a planes land in the river and they don't get a tickets? Come on. Until they make a lane for everything that moves in that city, no bike lane will ever be safe.

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