• Yes, I think it is a good idea.

    I don't think that it is anyone's business whether or not Sarah Roemer is pregnant. At any rate, it is great that two people decided that they love each other and want to raise a baby together. Plenty of women get pregnant and don't know who the father is or wait until after they have the baby to get married. It's not the public's business whether or not she is pregnant.

  • Yes, I think that it is a good idea.

    Yes, I think that newlywed Sarah Roemer's pregnancy is a good idea. She is a grown adult and is old enough to know if that is the right thing for her or not. I am happy for anyones pregnancy as long as it is what they wanted and it is in her case.

  • Slow Down, Sarah.

    The timing of Sarah Roemer's pregnancy is off. Aside from the fact that she is young and newly married, she has a budding career in film-- the key word being budding. The film industry places a high value of the appearance of it's young actresses and baby weight the thighs of a starlet is a cardinal sin. The American public also has a short attention span when it comes to entertainers. Sure, she has starred along side a-list actors in films, but she is not as instantly recognizable as stars such as Jennifer Aniston and Eva Mendes. Sarah will have to be away from set and dedicated to her raising her child, which means that there won't any career catapulting film offers on the table for her for a while. Sarah Roemer should have taken a page out of Kate Hudson's book and established herself as a star before having a baby.

  • Not so early

    It's not a good idea for anyone to get pregnant so soon in a marriage. Why add a third person when you haven't had a chance yet to see how you work as two people? It doesn't make sense, and now if things don't work out there's another person who'll be hurt by it.

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