Do you think NFL should keep airing on tv after the protest?

Asked by: VenomxShocker
  • They have the right to sit out the anthem if they don't want to.

    It might seem like the players are disrespectful to the flag and the people that fought for our freedom, but they want equality. They don't want white people to have more rights than African Americans. That isn't fair at all. The United States stands for freedom. That's what our ancestors wanted when the coe her from england. They wanted everyone to be equal. But that isn't happening in our world today. What these players are upset about, is what I just stated. Why doesn't anyone understand this.

  • We need voices of opposition

    Millions of people watch and attend NFL games and many attend the Super Bowl and watch from home. Plus, in our current political climate the more people who protest Trump the better. If NFL players want to publicly proclaim they oppose Trump, it is their constitutional right to do so.

  • Stop watching it.

    By not watching at all, we are sending a clear message that insults like this will not go unpunished. If you just skip the protest, Your still watching most of the adds that sponsor the game. If nobody is the number of people watching drops, so does the value of the add. Companies will not spend huge amounts of money on advertising is nobody is watching. This means less money for the team and the NFL. Look at DirectTV that is refunding customers who cancel their season ticket to watch the games. In my opinion, if a fan who buys a seat at the game gets upset by the protest, they should be able to get their money back. Maybe if the NFL and the individual teams loose enough income, they will enforce the rules that every player is told prior to putting on the uniform on their first day. That they are to stand, face the flag, and put your hand over your heart during the anthem. It is something sports teams have done to honor not just the flag and country but those who fought to protect both.

    The dumbest thing is, it supposedly a protest against police and how people say they treat black people. Your not insulting the police as they are state, county, and city employees, your insulting the flag. Something soldiers have fought and died over.
    Look at the shooting that they are protesting. Cops shooting black people. What black people should be upset about is black people shooting black people. In 2015, there were only 258 black people shot and killed by police, mostly justified. The same year, almost 6,000 black people where shot and killed by other black people. Clearly, black people should be protesting these killings.
    If you worked at a store and customers routinely disrespected. Spit on you for trying to help. How nice are you going to treat that and other customers? What if the customer was stealing merchandise? What if they took a swing at you? Odds are you will not be so nice to customers. Now imagine if your a police officer who patrols a district that is mostly black. People who are raised to hate you, especially if your white. Are you going to be nice to those that insult you on a regular basis?
    There are some simple steps in not being shot by police.
    1. Obeying the law makes you less likely to even be noticed by them.
    2. If you fail to obey the law or get their attention by other means. Do not run or resist. Obey all their instruction and treat them with respect. If your innocent, odds are they will find that out quickly and be on their way. If your guilty, they may let you go because you don't act guilty.
    3. If 2 fails and your arrested, yet continue to follow instruction with respect, your not going to be facing additional charges and above all, not be shot.

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