Do you think Nicolas Sarkozy is just as bad of a womanizer as Francois Hollande?

  • Yes, Nicolas Sarkozy is just as bad of a womanizer as Francois Hollande.

    In my opinion I think that both Nicolas Sarkozy and Francois Hollande are both equally as bad when it comes to being a womanizer. Both of the politicians have a past issue of womanizing on more then one or two accounts. This information has come out publicly and cannot be avoided.

  • Both are fairly notorious womanizers at this point.

    It is clear both Sarkozy and Hollande are womanizers at this point. It is difficult to say who is worse, but both are serial cheaters. Hollande's womanizing is a bit more repugnant however as he regularly parades as a supporter of feminism and women's rights. Overall I would say they are approximately on the same level.

  • It is all about power.

    Yes, I do think that Nicolas Sarkozy is just as bad of a womanizer as Francois Hollande, because they both have had their stories with women. Both of the men are ultimately after the same thing, and that is power. Both Sarkozy and Hollande will run with women to the extent they think they can get away with it.

  • No he is not

    I do not think that there is something wrong in admiring women and just because sometimes it takes a little longer for a man to tell if the woman he is seeing is the one for him and if it is not then she should be brushed aside to make way for one that is meant for him. A man should not have to worry about being called a womanizer just because he is looking for the right woman.

  • It's all about the context.

    It's not really a matter of comparison. While extramarital affairs do hurt the women he's married and their children (I think he has some, anyway), each person and what is acceptable and unacceptable is different. I think like many European men with power, Niccy and Frankie probably need a lesson in fidelity.

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