Do you think Nintendo will ever win the console wars after its disastrous WiiU offering?

  • Wii U didn't suck.

    People need to understand that the death of Nintendo is really exaggerated, and Nintendo can still compete. In my point of view, Wii U beats Xbox One and PS4 by a landslide, however, people are still addicted to the mindless shooters of Xbox One and PS4. Nintendo games are not kiddy, and it's games are not leading to it's fall, they're leading to it's rise. Nintendo does give many mature offerings. Plus, there is the Nintendo NX, which might blow away Microsoft and Sony. In conclusion, Nintendo will win the console war.

  • With Sony in deep debt, soon it'll be down to Nintendo and Microsoft.

    And that war has been in favour of Nintendo the past two gens, and even now in their slowest selling gen, the Wii U is pretty much equal to Xbox 1 sales, except Wii U sales are accelerating. This gen, maybe not. But if they get better publicity, NX could easily be a K.O. For Sony, and a hard hit for Microsoft.

  • CEO Shows Promise

    With the languishing profits of the Wii U, the CEO took a drastic pay cut, something you never see a CEO do. I think this signals the ability for Nintendo to bounce back. I do not believe the Wii U was a disastrous offering, from my understanding it is actually a decent console, but it doesn't compete with xBox or Play Station.

  • No, Nintendo won't come close to winning the console wars.

    Even before the WiiU came into play, I found it hard to believe Nintendo ever had a real shot. Xbox and PlayStation are the major players and one of them will "win" the war (although, I don't even know if this is a winnable war - both do so well). Nintendo focuses way too much on children's games, which I think is their major failing.

  • PS4 and Xbox One Have Taken Leads

    Nintendo won't win the console wars without a major restructuring of their next console design. The Wii was a great innovation, but the WiiU didn't do much to enhance Nintendo games. Sony's Playstation 4 and Microsoft's Xbox One have taken the lead in graphics and playability. Nintendo won't win the console wars anytime soon.

  • Out of date

    I do not think Nintendo will win the console wars, one because other companies have outdone Nintendo, and provided games that are much more entertaining to play. The WII to me was never very fun, especially when you pair it up to a console such as the X Box 360.

  • They have lost appeal.

    No, I do not think that Nintendo will ever win the console wars after its disastrous WiiU offering, because Nintendo Wii appeals to younger audiences. Anymore, you hear less and less about new Wii products. They are hardly even advertising new Wii products. Sony ha dominated the market and continues to take over Wii.

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