• Keeping communities decent

    There can be restricted areas where noise is just fine, but in small communities, there should be some forms of restrictions against noise pollution. Noise from any source, be it car or motorcycle engines or loud music being blared through windows, should be kept to a minimum and community standards should be kept up.

  • Noise pollution from irritants should be eliminated.

    Noise pollution should be eliminated from sources that are not required to make such high levels of noise. For example, airplane noise need not be eliminated, but noise from people thumping music at high levels from their cars should be eliminated. The latter is unnecessary, rude, and highly irritating to people.

  • No, I don't think noise pollution should be eliminated.

    I believe noise pollution should be regulated to a certain extent but I believe it would negatively effect many industries if it was eliminated, many factories and businesses produce certain levels of noise during the course of their operations and would be dramatically effected in the event that making noise was banned.

  • Should And Can

    I do not believe noise pollution should be eliminated. I think this is a silly question because there is no solution to noise pollution other than stopping the activity that causes it. Cars cause noise pollution, should we stop using them? Radios cause noise pollution, should we get rid of all radios? Should and can are two very different concepts.

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