Do you think non-binary genders should be recognized by the government? (question prompted by the non-binary petition on whitehouse.Gov)

Asked by: fawny
  • How to determine gender?

    Sex is binary, male or female. But gender is based on cultural preferences. For example, some cultures have as many as five genders (male, female, neutral, male-female, female-male) . In the US, the current recognized genders are male and female. Adding additional gender options would be tricky at first, but would not harm US in any major way.

  • The Constitution Says We Are Born Equal

    In the Constitution of the United States, it says that all men (meaning people) are born equal. Therefore, saying someone's gender is invalid or that they are the gender they are born with is unconstitutional. Besides, some people honestly feel like they don't belong into the binary genders (male and female), myself being one of them. Nonbinary means you identify as neither gender (as I do), or a mix of the two genders. (Don't get this confused with genderfluid, which means it depends on the day which gender you identify as.) Now, I'm not saying that transgender (which is an umbrella term, including nonbinary, genderfluid, demi-people, gender nuetral, agender, etc.) people shouldn't be accounted for by the government as well, because they should. Everyone's gender is valid. If you are born with a penis and testicles and identify as a guy, go ahead. If you are born with a vagina and identify as a guy, be my guest! If you are born with breasts and a vagina and don't identify as either binary gender (myself being an example), go for you!! :))). Don't be hating on other people because you are transphobic. Keep it to yourself.

  • Non-binary Need Recognition In Our World

    In our world, it's no longer just 'female' and 'male' people that are out and about. Non-binary people are one of those 'others', and their part in the world should be considered. There shouldn't be a need for them to feel so awkward in situations where it's asking for one gender or another, as they feel as though neither or both make sense for them. There needs to be a regular basis to make sure that even non-binary genders should be recognized.

  • YES!!!! It should be required

    It's awkward going into a bathroom and not knowing what bathroom to go into. I think an option should be a single room bathroom that say for other. It would make for a lot less awkward situations and also it could make life a lot easier for some people. So yeah I agree to it.

  • Legitimate identity is a fundamental human right!

    Non-gendered identity is a fact and not a lifestyle choice. People who do not - and cannot - define as male or female are denied legitimate identity and denied many civil rights and fundamental human rights that others can take for granted. I am fighting for 'X' passports in the UK where the government is desperately trying to bury the issue after undertaking a sham policy review in order to undermine its own commitment. Forcing people who do not define as male or female to align with 'M' or 'F' is forcing people to collude in their own social invisibility. Gendered society's treatment of non-gendered people is not just immoral but inhumane.

  • We aren't threats

    We don't want to be looked at like we're inhuman. We are people. We want to live just like anyone else. We just want to safely use they bathroom and not get hurt be close-minded people around us. We deserve this as people. We deserve this as humans. We aren't asking for much at all.

  • Gender is gender, some people are not boy or girl

    While trans rights have been progressing recognition of nonbinary identities would be an important and necessary step for trans rights. The outdated belief that genitals = gender should not be used as an excuse in this debate. Nonbinary identities are just are as valid as binary identities and should be recognized by the government.

  • I am agender myself.

    I am agender. Some people say that being agender isnt a thing because the brain can only identify as male or female. No. I do not fit into the male category, nor the female, but at a fine line in the middle. It's really annoying when you have to choose either male or female when you don't fit into either category.

  • I am nonbinary.

    Every person has to right to self-define their own gender/agender identity, and they are not necessarily defined by their physical anatomy, chromosomes, appearance, etc. Who you are comes from within you. No one else has a right to determine that. Why does the government even need to know about a person's genitalia?

  • My identity too

    There is an erasure, even among the transgender community. I want to be able to be myself, and be able to legally change my name for that reason. When your preffered name is not your legal name, it's hard to be yourself at a job. I also have to lie on papers that ask for a binary gender.

  • No idea why some people turn something simple into something stupid.

    Non-binary? Really? If you have male parts, your male. If you have female parts your female. There are some that are in the process of a sex change so would be viewed as the opposite. Seeing that the rest of them looks as such, in cases of a restroom, use the one you appear to be and use a stall. Why is this not simple? In the case of official forms and such where you have to check male or female, some want to be considered somewhere in between. Too bad. Are some people that self absorbed that they feel they should have their own classification? Kind of reminds me of Prince who got so full of himself he changed his name to a symbol that could not be pronounced.
    On a funny note, I had a maintenance job once at a major retail store. Before cleaning the ladies room I would wait outside till everyone was out. Sometimes more would go in but oh well. On occasion, some guy would walk towards the door about to go in, I would stop them and quietly let them know that it's the ladies room. Normally, the guy would glance at the sign by the door and say something like "oh, thanks, almost went in" one day, this burly guy with very short hair was walking up, I politely told him the same thing. They said "I know". Really, you could not blame me for thinking it was a guy, even their voice was a bit male.

  • According to non-binary logic I would be a girl

    I'm a guy. I have long hair, like to cook and people say my face can be seen as androgynous, as you can see I'm not the model of masculinity, but even if I don't fit with the stereotype of a guy I won't start saying I'm a woman. I won't say either "Oh I don't do things like a boy, but I don't like dresses so I guess I'm agender, please use they/them"
    You are saying that girl who cut their hair short, are not girls. By supporting this you reinforce stereotypes. When woman first started wearing pants they weren't saying "look we're in men's colthes we're guys!" They were saying "even if we use clothing like the men usually wear we are still women and there's no reason why we can't use it".

  • You are making it bigger than it is.

    All this "non-binary" people think wearing the opposite sex clothes makes them a man/woman, it doesn't. That would be like telling homosexual guys that they're girls because they "are doing the girls role", it would be like telling a woman wearing pants she is a man because "she is wearing man's clothes", these people make trans people (who genuinely feel as if they're in the wrong body) seem as if they're doing it for the attention.
    Wanting the opposite clothes doesn't makes you the opposite sex. Yes, I know Sex and gender are not the same thing. Sex is biological and Gender is a social construct/ Your gender can be the opposite, that doesn't change your sex because gender is literally what is expected from your sex, an example of this would be if you are a man and you usually do everything a woman would do and not a man, you would be a Feminine Man, this is not a bad thing, it just means you are not doing what is expected of you. A man who is feminine usually pairs up very good with a masculine girl, for example –and I'm thinking in the extremes–, a woman who goes to work and a man who stays home to take care of the kids. Today with feminism (NOTE: FEMINISM, NOT FEMINAZI), all these gender roles are breaking, meaning is more normal to see a guy who doesn't act "completely masculine" or a girl "who is not always feminine".
    This (the non-binary thing) is exactly why men can't do feminine things, because they get stripped of the title that is "a man". To recognize "non-binary" would be to reinforce stereotypes, to say to a girl to not cut her hair because "it will make her a guy".

  • This is just getting ridiculous...

    I sexually identify as an attack helicopter, so does that mean I'm an attack helicopter? You are born as a male or female (or in some rare cases, both in hemaphrodite, but even then they usually will choose one). If gender is not binary, the word trans is useless then. Oh, and lastly GENDER IS NOT A SOCIAL CONSTRUCT!

  • Not supported by science

    There has been neurological evidence of transgenderism found in male to female cases and controls by looking at men who went through transitioning surgery due to cancer. They found "female" areas of the brain in males claiming to be trans and in cancerous patients, their brains remained "male" this holding the position that transgenderism is not something you acquire, but something you are born with. This study shows that these people still feel the Opposite Gender. As of currently, there have been no such support of a third or intermediate gender. Gender is not a social construct, but neurons in the brain telling you what hormones you need.

  • This is all bs to make yourself feel special

    All this bs is big because of tumblr and todays youth wanting to be for some reason a minority or opressed because its so cool. Youre a male or female or mtf and ftm. Thats it stop making everything about you just because you dont fit your genders roles DOESNT MAKE YOU TRANS OR GENDERFLUID.

  • This could really get out of hand

    This has literally come down to a battle of what does a word mean. If gender means "the state of being male or female" male means "of or denoting the sex that produces small, typically motile gametes, especially spermatozoa, with which a female may be fertilized or inseminated to produce offspring." And female means "of or denoting the sex that can bear offspring or produce eggs, distinguished biologically by the production of gametes (ova) that can be fertilized by male gametes."

    And just to put it simply, what are we gonna do when people start identifying as animals? Or Aliens? Are we gonna create bathrooms for them too or give them government recognition? Unless they can give much needed scientific evidence for this, the idea of turning it into a legal issue is rather ridiculous.

  • Non-Binary Genders are a Mistake!

    The argument is NOT "Are Non-Binary Genders Real?" but rather "Are Non-Binary Genders actually Genders?" The answer is no they are not genders. Now before you get mad or upset hear me out. Lets say you go the supermarket to buy some apples and in the section reserved for apples there is a potato. How could a potato end up there its not even a fruit its a vegetable. That is the same problem with non-binary genders, they are mislabeled as gender when really they can be described as a personality or a self identity. However they can not be described as a gender because that would be like calling a potato a fruit.

  • It's all fiction

    You either have an XX chromosome pair, or an XY chromosome pair, there is no way you can change this. It is pure satire bullshit, it's actually unbelievable we are taking this into consideration! Shouldn't the government be worrying about something else besides genders that don't exist! Come on guys!

  • Your feelings don't determine your gender

    It's the stupidest thing I have ever heard. How pretentious can u be to create ur own "special" gender and get so incredibly offended when someone doesn't agree with you. Just because you're not a girly girl doesn't mean that ur not a girl. Youre still a female, nothing can change that. You can dress up and call yourself whatever but it doesnt change the truth. I cant believe people are actually buying into this bullshit. Use your common sense and stop using ur feelings

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