Do you think nondenominational church beliefs need to be regulated?

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  • Clear violation of the First Amendment

    I live in the United States, a nation where we prize religious freedom so much that it's the very first amendment to our Constitution. We don't do that sort of thing. We don't make laws regulating churches or their beliefs. So no, I don't think they need to be regulated.

  • Don't Regulate Churches

    The very idea of regulating nondenominational church beliefs doesn't make any sense. In fact, it goes against the very rights granted to people in this country by the Bill of Rights. We can't and shouldn't even foolishly attempt to regulate church beliefs because doing so makes absolutely no sense today.

  • Defeats The Purpose

    I do not believe nondenominational church beliefs should be regulated. I believe the purpose of these churches is to bring together Christians regardless of how the perceive the religion and follow the tenants. Regulating the beliefs would simply lead to more churches breaking off from the group and causing a greater fracturing of the faith.

  • Who would regulate them, and more importantly why?

    Who would regulate non-denominational churches and why should they be regulated? The US was formed, in part, out of a respect for the individual's right to practice religion in accordance with their convictions. This applies to all.

    Non-denominational churches are simply churches which have chosen not to associate with an established denomination of the Christian Church. This does not mean that they odd or extreme beliefs.The vast majority of these churches actually have beliefs and worship traditions that are fairly similar to those found in one or more of the mainline denominations. They have chosen to remain independent. These churches, like all churches, should be able to worship without interference unless they are somehow breaking the laws of this country. Denominations have no right to regulate them and our government certainly has no legal basis for regulating them.

  • No they do not.

    Groups of people or individuals can believe whatever they want to. I do not think that a nondenominational churches beliefs should be regulated because they are not part of a certain denomination. However, I think that there actions should be regulated to some extent. Many times these churches are abusive.

  • No it goes against freedom

    A great part of this country is freedom of religion. If you try to regulate the beliefs of churches you are going directly against this freedom. Some churches may have unique beliefs but if they are not hurting anyone then they have every right to be left alone in the US.

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