• Slowly but surely.

    I think the North Koreans might eventually spark a revolt, despite the heavy propaganda thrown at them. Either that or NK gets a new leader that is willing to join South Korea. In the case of a revolt, I think the UN or South Korea will then take actio. I think there's this expectation that South Korea would suddenly gain responsibility for all of NK. However, if they did this by slowly incorportation province by province, it would work and be less stressful to South Korean society. Besides, North Korea has some great natural resources which South Korea might be interested in obtaining.

  • Matter of time

    It is only a matter of time. North Korea is a failed state, 100%. North Korea is going down hill and will only lead to its own destruction, and in that time, the Korean peninsula will be reunited. If China would get on board with the whole thing it would happen today.

  • It is Inevitable

    If you look at the two societies at a glance it may seem impossible to imagine so I can see why someone would vote "no". However, I have been researching the two koreas for years as a hobby and it is well accepted that it is inevitable. North Korea is not a stable country and most of the international community knows it. It is only a matter of time before the DPRK falls from political instability and the ROK moves in with UN support to occupy the crippled country. That will ultimately make one country. It is the dream of all Koreans (or at least the majority) that they will have one united Korea again. They both just have different ways of going about it. South Korea, of course, is the only rational one.

  • Yeeeeeeeeeees for sure

    Its a must because i said it trust a unicorn unicorns always right because they were created by god and god knows best they have super magical powers and they live in the rainbow and the rainbow is 7 colours 7-5=2 and 2-2=0 so theres no 2 koreas. Alright?

  • Hthhthhththtather hi whatsup

    I am a south korean and I think south korea and north korea would reunite so I think south and north korea will unite once and for all yeah so yeah so...... Oh south and north will alwasy unite so I think they will unit how about your thinking so.

  • NK can,t support any internal stability and wage war on the south or anyone else.

    North Korea has a history of instability and a population that is isolated.
    In time there is likely going to be a coup that will want more stable international relations for economic growth and hope of internal stability. The unknown is this going to be external influenced by the military or China? An American effort would fail as it would be seen
    as being a power struggle and cultural conflict but an Asian solution would gain acceptance that would have lasting prospects.

  • Yes. Both North and South Korea will be reunifying together as family into the next future.

    If North Korean government was collapsing, North Korea need help from South Korea. I think that would be very interesting to let the two Koreas reunifying together as family. North Korea would become a Democracy nation in East Asia and the population of North Korea would changed, and North Korea would be changing from poorer to the richest country along with South Korea. There would be no war between two nation powers and two Koreas will reunifying as one country and their government would be become Democracy and non-communist into the next future.

  • Yes. Both North and South Korea will be reunifying together as family to each others into the next future.

    If the North Korean government is collapsing, North Korea would need help from South Korea and the UN. I think that would be a very interesting to let the two Koreas to be reunifying together as family and North Korea would become a Democracy nation country in East Asia. North Korea would be changing from poorer to the richest country if North Korea reunifying with South Korea. There would be no war between two power nations and the population of North Korea could be changed into the next future.

  • North Korea is torture

    North Korea is not a free country. Citizens of the North face oppression. A lot of normal activities we do are illegal in North Korea which may be punishable by death. Citizens are stuck in North Korea which means they can't leave. That means they have to sneak out of the country's borders and risk being caught, then returned to North Korea and face execution. If there is another Korean War, South Korea has got to win. That means it's a chance to free the citizens of North Korea.

  • They will unite

    They will unite because the North Korea's government is almost collapsing. With the government like that, North Korea will fall, and they will eventually get help from South Korea. I'm a South Korean my self, and I'm pretty sure South Korea will once unite with North Korea and follow South Korea's government.

  • No, not without a war.

    South Korea does not want to be connected to the dictatorial and repressive regime in North Korea, and rightfully so. North Korea is holding on to power at any cost no matter how much its people are hurt. So there will have to be a major war between them for any reunification to happen.

  • I do not think that North Korea and South Korea will ever be reunited.

    I do not think that North Korea and South Korea will ever be reunited. I think that they have been on different sides since the war and will not ever settle their differences. According to a 2013 BBC World Service Poll, 4% of South Koreans view North Korea's influence positively, with 90% expressing a negative view.

  • North and South Shouldn't reunite

    I live in South korea iirst of all. BUT the tensioon is too big so there will be a big problem. It will also cost a lot of money and there is a problem of inflation too. There isn't much benefit both of countries so hey shouldn't reunite. Thank you.

  • Not worth it bruv

    South Korea would have to bear exorbitant costs to reunite successfully and it would be highly a complexed process which is not worth it just for this unneccessary cause and would just burden the South Korea . Sacrificing so much just for causes such as national identity is not worth it and even though they were to reunite,it does not guarantee a successful Korea

  • Why... Why not??

    Because lifeu and world peace... Now go listen to some music and drink all of your dirty wateru. Mm so I need more words but I don't have anything else to say because do our opinions really mater. Its not up to us!! Lmao I got serious, Let me stop! *Laughing, Crying, emoji*

  • North Korea Stincks!!!!!

    I don't think they will becasue first of all, the n o r t h k o r e a s u c k s l i k e h e l l a n d i d o n ' t l i k e k i m j u n g u n

  • I don't think South and North Korea will ever be reunited

    Because over the 60 years of seperation the differences between the two countries have become too great. The older generation may still want reunification but the younger generation who was born long after the war just simply can't see the need of reunification. South Korea would have to support North Korea financially, economically and in every way. In order to do that, tremendous pressure would be forced on the people of South Korea and the younger generation of South Korea doesn't want that.

  • The people of the North wouldn't want a Democratic gov.

    This reason is because the DPRK has brain washed the people of the North into thinking that Democracy isn't right and because of their hate for the US the people of the North believe the DPRK destroyed the United States and that the North is a world super power many people across the North believe they won the war. Now we all know that isn't true but thats what they believe, besides the only way for the peninsula to be united is if by war or revolt but the people of the North will never revolt. They believe their "leader" is a god and that he can do supernatural things. And if we did invade the North many people would be happy but the media (CNN Fox NBC) will broadcast (like they did with Israel) that the United States is killing innocent civilians, the people will the begin to protest the war an to avoid a revolt in America people, the US gov. will have to back out leaving South Korea to fight whats left of the 4th largest army in the world and we all know the ROK can't fight against those odds, and if the US backed out most likely the rest of the UN will follow except for maybe Japan and possibly China. So there isn't any good solution to reunite the country not without death. Even in the event of a revolt the DPRK army isn't going to disappear, so even if the government collapsed the Northern army will still kill any UN backed forces that cross the DMZ, and the people of the North will enlist to stop the uniting of Korea under South Korean rule the people want a "Communist" Korea not a republic or democracy

  • I don,t think it is the right time

    The leader of DPRK is currently Kim Jong un, and I don't think South Koreans would want a ruler like him. Plus, DPRK is communist, and South Korea is a republic. It is is possible that both sides be reunited through war, but what type of rule should the regime come under? Communist, Anti-Communist or Socialist, like Vietnam?

  • I really don’t think that North Korea and South Korea will ever be reunited.

    I really don’t think that North Korea and South Korea will
    ever be reunited. In my opinion, there
    is too much bad blood between the two for them to ever hope to reunite. If they ever do happen to reunite, I don’t
    think that it will take place at any point during my life.

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