Do you think Nostradamus' predictions are accurate?

  • COmet, asteroid heading towards the earth

    May Jesus Christ be not martyred! There is a third world war fast approaching. A comet ( mentioned in the Book of Revelations) is making fast approach and will destroy one third of the land in January 2037. It will impact Europe and will cause a famine. This famine will become gradually global. The Mahdi of Greater Arabia will launch a deceptive peace program and will get his hands on nuclear missiles. Islamic prophecies mention that Islamic invaders will be successful in invading Italy. It is also mentioned in the St. Malachy prophecies that Peter the Roman will preside over the destruction of the Church. After the asteroid ( hits the sea in June 2040 will destroy one third of the fishes and ships ) hostilities will break out paving the war in 2041 lasting 23 Years. Moreover 200 million soldiers mentioned in the Revelations book will kill 3 billion people about one third of the humanity. However the Christian prophecies and Indian prophecies mention about Kalki the last reincarnation of Vishnu who will restore order.

  • Yes, some are.

    As with any sort of mystic, visionary, psychic, or whatever they want to be called, there is some truth to their words and they can see and sometimes predict things most of us can not. But there is never a hundred percent accuracy because the energy of the universe just doesn't show itself that way.

  • He has predicted the future in many quatrains, it's just that few understand his symbolism, etc.

    An example: Century l, #63

    Pestilences extinguished, the world becomes smaller,
    for a long time the lands will be inhabited peacefully.
    People will travel safely through the sky (over) land and seas:
    then wars will start up again.

    In other quatrains he indicates what cosmic event will occur around the time
    of the revelation....2013?

  • statistically impossible

    Overall, phenomena (cryptic/coded predictions of future events) of the type many "Nostradamians" often allude to appear inat least forty-two of Nostradamus' nine hundred and forty-two prophecies. So, conservatively, if the odds against each one are a 1,000 to 1, the cumulative odds against the whole thing being pure coincidence are 1,000 to the forty-second power. That's a one followed by more than one hundred zeros, which, after deducting the nine hundred failures, would still exceed the number of stars in the known universe. At this point we stand beyond the reach of plausible coincidental fulfillment. It is no longer a question of whether or not the future was foreseen. It is now a question of how it was done.

  • Probably Illuminati plans

    This guy was paid by the illuminati to make their new religion look more valid. They've been doing this since at a minimum of the Minoans according to the best of my ability. Last year I would not have made such a claim, but I was shown a few "new" pieces of the puzzle recently (some news reports and a few "woo woo" history programs on the history channel that showed actual evidence and behaved like actual empiricists- I coincidentally had scientific knowledge that allowed me to understand some things that were not mentioned in these findings).

    For instance, how would Native Americans know specific things about Europeans "before" they actually arrived? Magic? Nonsense. The religious authorities would always be in on the know since they are important aspects of population management throughout all time so far. The religious authorities would be really good at propagating long term secrets, and this is especially so since it would be in their ancestors (future religious authorities) interest.

    I do need to say, however, that I have other reports in my mind's data bank that are somewhat difficult to explain without something like ESP unless shaman's have closer relationships across cultures than appears (which I assume is actually the case- they are actually cooperating much more than appears to the casual observer). There are certain important factors to the issue that most people fail to recognize as important to understanding.

  • The future is arbitrary and random.

    I do not believe that you can predict the future; the future is merely a hypothesis. We could base this hypothesis on past events, on history, but then even they are not applicable to the future as the future is ever-changing. Nostradamus' predictions are very vague and could easily be seen as "predictions" but then they are not completely accurate. It's just an urban myth, an old wive's tale.

  • He was a druggie and had weird hallucinations

    In order to make many of his prophecies his process was to get high out of his skull and stare at a fire or some water. If you're blazed AF you're going to write some gibberish which he did and I have also done. Ahem... "In the land of the sun, many days will pass, PAUX, BOIN, CERT, fire will fall from the sky" my favorite part of his "prophecies" are the weird anagrams which could stand for literally anything. Also, many of the people who would argue that his prophecies ring true would reference for example his prediction of Hitler which actually says Hister. The guy couldn't even write his book in the same language and kept switching throughout

  • Complete and utter

    Gibberish , tried reading some of this nonsense as a child and dismissed it immediately as the ravings of an idiot , yet adults continue to find meaning in this tripe . People find meaning if there looking for it everywhere , there's fortunes being made peddling this nonsense to the dim witted.

  • Vague enough to support anything

    These "prophecies" are so vague that they can fit any situation which we ascribe them to after the fact. They can never be used to identify a situation, person, or place beforehand, so we simply ascribe meaning to them after a major event has occurred. Nothing can be predicted beforehand by the prophecies, ergo they are just products of the vague language.

  • Fulfillment by extrapolation

    The text is too vague and subject to wild interpretation. The fulfillment are obtained by inventive extrapolation of the text. For example, Hister is NOT Hitler, the city of God is NOT NYC, pastor is NOT Pasteur, etc. There are so many errors that make his predictions laughable. There is also issues of accuracy of translation, the evidence of his predictions made before the events.

  • Interpretations of predictions?

    I have always found it amusing what the people believe is reality, from Nastradamus's predictions to the son of God. There is no more proof that Jesus was the Son of God that matter for God even existing than that Nastradamus could predict the future. Our fears of our own existence and who we really are as humans lead us to these foolish believes. Ask yourself if it really is a true prediction, then there should be no interpretation of it, it should just be as it is predicted YES? Also ask yourself this if there really is a God and Heaven why do I have to prove myself more spiritual, should I not just be? Most important of all if there is heaven and we, I have been there why and the fuck would I want to come here. The only true prediction is man will one day and hopefully before he populates and infects the universe will exterminate himself. The earth truly is a magnificent and beautiful entity to bad for it wereon it.

  • Too Vague

    His predictions are quite vague and when reading some of them you can almost tell that they are idealistic sometimes, and he wrote so many of them, a whole book worth, that some of them are bound to come true even if it is by chance. for instance, if i predict that France and Poland were to go to war, the chances that in the 1000s of years that they are going to exist its going to happen.

  • Nostradamus' prophecies are vague and are usually fit to current events.

    Many people think that Nostradamus was a great prophet; however his prophecies were usually too vague to point to specific events. People say he predicted the rise of Hitler, but he got the name wrong and said "Hister" instead. People said he predicted 9/11, but it was a vague reference to "twins" in his prophecies, and also he didn't mention the correct year.

    Posted by: SoWinif
  • I do not think Nostradamus' predictions are accurate and, instead, believe that they are merely vague coincidences.

    Nostradamus made several vague predictions. It is difficult to say that they are accurate, when they leave so much room for interpretation. The predictions are not exact enough, or filled with enough facts, to call them accurate. I might believe some of them to be true, but being vague is far from being accurate.

    Posted by: J Lamb 43

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