• Biggie is the only rapper that will continuously leave you in awe with his bars.

    He leaves people amazed by his lyrical skill, His flow is unmatched. There has never been a more masterful rhyme scheme then when I hear his voice. He’ll leave you thinking “damn did he really just say that? ” And best believe he did.

    “My slow flows remarkable, Peace to Mateo, Now we smoke weed like tony Montana sniff the yayo that’s crazy blunts mad L’s my flow excels from the avenue to jail cells “

    “I hope your listening smacking babies at they christening “

  • WHAT? Come on Ya'll.

    Ya'll do not know what rap is. I bet all of ya'll probably white. Really Eminem? That is not even rap. Eminem wouldn't be nothing if B.I.G was not born. All these new rappers who say they the best ain't nothing. Biggie and 2pac was the best that ever lived. The best that ever did it. You saying Eminem over 2pac and Biggie makes me laugh.

  • Notorious B.I.G. was the best rapper of his time, but not all time.

    Stating that any rapper was the best of all time is too extreme. Rap is still a relatively new genre, and its super stars are not numerous enough to really have a statement like that. Notorious B.I.G. inspired many rappers out today, but so did Tupac. Claiming one was better than the other or inspired more is just empty claims.

  • Eminem has my vote

    Then Tupac is after him. Tuoac paved the way for all of them, then Eminem pretty much destroyed all of them by taking the rap music to the next level. While, Notorious B.I.G is considered one of the greatest rappers of all time. Eninem and Tupac are more legendary in my opinion

  • not at all

    no, there are a lot of rappers that are out there today that do a whole lot better of a job than he does. I think that he is a good rapper, but that he can not be called the best of all time, since there are a lot that can beat him.

  • No, I don't think Notorious BIG was the best rapper of all time.

    While Notorious BIG had a large fan base and was very talented there are hundreds of other rappers with equal or even larger fan bases who are also very talented, crowning one of them as best of all time is way to difficult of a thing to do and it's really up to personal preference.

  • No, I do not think so

    It really depends on what you considered great. If you look at the time frame, he sure did contribute,but he didn't live long enough to be the best. If you go by stats and pure numbers. Marshall Mathers is by far the greatest rap star of all time. He's put up crazy hits and they just keep coming.

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