Do you think nuclear weapons should be reduced further (yes) or increased (no)?

  • Dangerous costly and unethical

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  • Yes, nuclear weapons should be reduced.

    Nuclear weapons should be reduced vastly. The United States alone has enough nuclear weapons to destroy the world several times over. Not only that, but the energy and risks that go with the upkeep of nuclear material is very high. The risk of nuclear weapons getting into the hands of the wrong people is a real danger, especially in countries like Pakistan. Yes, they should be reduced.

  • Get Rid Of Them

    I believe all nuclear weapons should be decommissioned in all countries. I do not believe there is a justifiable reason to use one of these weapons and there is no reason for humanity to hold onto them. I think these weapons make us a danger to ourselves. We should destroy them all.

  • Reduce instead of create.

    Nuclear weapons should be reduced further. This is because the world already has enough nuclear weapons to blow us up many times over. Creating more nuclear weapons only would add to the further threat of destruction and pollution. The world does not need more of this. We can already not get rid of the nuclear resources we have as it is.

  • Nuclear weapons will only cause massive harm

    Yes, I think that nuclear weapons should be reduce further. A nuclear weapon, even if it is used on another country, will cause harm to not only the country that it was meant for, but for the earth as well. In reality if one persons throws the first nuclear weapons fist then another will; it will destroy us all.

  • Nuclear Weapons Provide Global Stability

    The thought of nuclear war is always bleak, but in the nearly 70 years since the end of the Second World War, no wars have taken place between major powers. The major powers, France, USA, UK, Russia, and China, all incidentally possess nuclear weapons. These weapons act as a gaurantee against aggression from potential enemies.

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