• I would guess probably yes

    I don't much like guy, I don't much like any president. I dislike his racism but I see a level of secular humanism in his agendas. I don't really want to claim him as my own.... But if I had to guess I would say probably. As far as anyone saying "he claims to be Christian and goes to church" You can be Christian and not believe in god. My stance is he does not believe in god. There are many Christians out there who would be committing ritualistic suicide to come out saying they don't believe in god. That would be any president in a secular country that has been high jacked by intolerant religious people.

  • No, I don't belive so.

    It would not serve a President well to lie about his religious affiliation. In many cases he has prayed for people and done so in public view. An Atheist would not do such a thing, many Atheist are strong in the belief that there is no god. So no, I don't believe President Obama is an Atheist.

  • I think he is an atheist.

    I do believe that Barack Obama is an atheist. He is a very rational and intelligent man and I just personally believe that he has to say what he must (in this case that he is a Christian) to get elected into the office of the President of the United States of America. There is just too much prejudice against non-Christian denominations or no religion at all. I obviously have no proof that he is an atheist, but I believe it to be likely.

  • I guess.... Umm.... Well......

    This isn't easy to answer, but I'm gonna to say yes. Here's why I say yes. It's that he is one, but he acts like one. I know religion isn't something that shouldn't be necessary involved in government, but besides that...... If he was really a Christian, why is he letting Christians suffer while helping Muslims and atheists??????? Seriously..... Why???

  • I'm 60/40 on this.

    I recently learned that many of our presidents weren't exactly christian. Abraham Lincoln was a deist, Nixon was a quaker, and Taft was a Unitarian just to name a few. Many went to churches when it was convenient for them. My 60% says he is a christian, but my 40% says that he is too smart have faith in the christian dogmas.

  • He is a Christian

    It can only really be said in a speculative light whether Obama is an atheist based on his background, but all the evidence points to him being a Christian. Its strange how this comes up, even though there was a huge furor over the speeches and views of his former preacher.

  • No, I think Obama is a Christian.

    President Obama strikes me as a man who loves his family very deeply. You can see that he is immensely proud of his two daughters and his beautiful wife. Being a good father and husband are Christian values. I believe President Obama has a kind, Christian heart, but is trying to cope with a stressful job during stressful times.

  • At the very least, the statistics point to him being Christian

    From what I have seen, the President has been known to attend church regularly. I mean, there was that whole fiasco over the church he attended and its preacher. On top of that, he is a Baby Boomer and African American. Both of those demographics are very much Christian in nature. The statistics alone mean that he is, at least, a cultural Christian.

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