• President Obama is underrated

    President Obama has accomplished a lot as a United States President. The most I have ever seen, with the exception of Bill Clinton. As a matter of fact, I sort of wish there were 3 terms so he could become president for 4 more years. He has done a great job, especially while dealing with the horrible Republican House.

  • Obama President for America

    I personally think that Obama is the right president for America because I personally think he has handled what he has handled since he has been in office. I personally think that Obama is the right president for America because when he went into office it worst off then what it is now and it also takes time to make this world a better place.

  • Yes, Obama is the right president to lead the American people.

    Ys, Obama is the right man for the job of president because he is in touch with current events. He knows that Americans suffer from obesity and is taking steps to alleviate those costs with the Affordable Care Act. He was very aware of the general discontent and low morale of troops stationed overseas and fighting a war that could not be won. He took important steps to bring the troops back home and put an end to the war that was depriving Americans at home of much-needed resources.

  • Obama-nation: The New America!

    Or is it abomination they seem so similar? Lie, cheat and steal its Obama's idea of the American way! I'm very sorry I voted for the man. I had high hopes but have seen nothing but arrogance, dishonesty and pot stirring for the benefit of his own agenda. Make no mistake about it we are all viewed as the little people in his kingdom. Remember the stupidity of the American voter. I WONT BE FOOLED AGAIN!!!!

  • His administration has been largely a disappointment.

    When Barack Obama was elected their was a swell of hope for his campaign theme of 'hope and change'. Americans were seriously looking for and expected a difference in the way Washington was ran. Since coming to office however, very little has really changed domestically or foreign policy wise. Obama has been largely a disappointment and Americans are still left looking for real change.

  • Obama is Not Right for America

    No, I do not think Barack Obama is the right president for America. He has violated several of his campaign promises, such as failing to end the War on Terror. In addition to this, he has knowingly allowed the NSA to spy on American citizens and to spy abroad, violating many international treaties.

  • Nope! Brock obama xd

    Obama has been the president one! He shouldnt be president again! Plus hes a democrat! G g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g g gg g gg g g g g g g g g g g g g g g

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