Do you think Obama really didn't know about the NSA's spying on world leaders?

  • He did not.

    I think that Obama really did not know about the National Security Agency (NSA) and their spying on other world leaders. The president has too many things to worry about, and these government agencies, such as the NSA, do not directly report to him or give him details about what they are doing.

  • He obviously knew

    As president of the United States of America, I find it next to impossible to believe that he did not have a clue about the NSA's spying on world leaders. I do believe he lied in order to look good to the other world leaders. He did not want to come out exposing himself as being part of the ordeal, that would not look good on the nation. I can understand why he tried to avoid taking any blame in the situation though, as president, he needs to have a good, clean image, especially where other nations are concerned.

  • Of course he knew!

    When the going gets tough, President Obama likes to pretend he does not know what is going on. Somehow this has worked for him and people still buy into it. If anyone else were running the country, or even a company for that matter, this not knowing what is going on would not work for them. CEO's regularly take the fall from things gone awry in their organization. It should not be less for the President of the United States.

  • Obama knew about the NSA's spying on world leaders.

    Obama knew about the NSA's spying on world leaders. He is the President of the United States. The NSA reports directly to him so he had to know about it. If he did not then something is wrong there but I think he knew and just wanted to cover it up.

  • The President isn't made aware of everything.

    I think that there is a level of what's known as plausible deniability when it comes to the Chief Executive, which means I think he really don't know what the National Security Agency was doing. The NSA probably considered it to be part of the operational minutiae of their day to day operations and didn't really bother including it in their overview.

  • He sure did!

    All the supporting evidence from the media points to the fact that Obama was aware of the NSAs surveillance of governments that are friendly to us. I am just confused as to what advantages are we making of this information. These revelations are mostly in part due to Edward Snowdens leak of classified documents. Now you are wondering why the Obama administration has been so adamant in having Snowden returned.

  • Really? Really bro?

    I mean really? Seriously? The executive branch of government unaware of the actions of one of its agencies? The commander-in-chief, a habitual fibber, declaring innocence and ignorance? Really? I mean -really-? I have to explain this, too? Seriously? What's he doing man? What's ah.... What's going on there Obama? What's the deal?

  • He absolutely knew.

    The NSA falls under executive jurisdiction. Neither the Supreme Court, nor the Senate, nor Congress create or monitor programs for the NSA. The Executive branch creates, monitors and directs the actions of the NSA.

    The Senate can create investigations of programs and they can audit programs by the NSA. Congress can fund the NSA, but neither of them create the programs, no can they access the details of the programs without creating an oversight committee.

    I have a feeling that the Senate oversight Committee will meet very soon to "neuter" the agency, but as of right now, Obama has the full responsibility on his lap.

    Even if Bush implemented the spy programs, Obama is briefed on them...A lot. Since he hasn't shut the program down, he is responsible...Just as Bush is responsible.

  • One or two (or three)

    He's one of two things:

    1) incompetent for not knowing what the people underneath him are doing or for enforcing a system where he knows such things (especially with things as important as this).

    2) a liar because he knew exactly what the NSA was doing and either didn't care or endorsed it.

    There is a third possibility

    3) he's an alien, but this is the least likely to be true. Why does it make sense? Just because aliens are the cop out for unanswerable questions.

  • He mentioned it

    There is an interview where he's talking about the NSA and that "all intelligence matters will end up with me." If that is the case, then there is no way he wasn't informed. So there are only two options. He either knew and is lying. Or he was informed, but didn't care or pay attention.

  • The main man for everything

    No way did he not know. No way is it acceptable. They got caught they should cope their right whack. Protection blah blah they have always done it, and always will that is why they hate wiki leaks so much. Funny that they hunt the earth and moralize against those that do the exact same thing.

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