Do you think Obama should be impeached for what he has done?

Asked by: Norman
  • Undoubtedly and Seriously!

    He purposed ignored our people in Benghazi, and they died, including our Ambassador! And he did it for his own political gain in effort to not tarnish his claims about defeating Al-Queda during the elections. On top of that, the IRS and free press illegal targeting came from his office. Corruption is all he is promoting. I agree, get him out fast!!!!

  • Impeaching President Obama

    I personal believe some parts of the scandals that appointed towards him are accurate and maybe even true for that cause.It's a really crazy how all these scandals start popping out . Noticing that some tea party members are getting targeted for audits because of what they believe in .The Benghazi event , that should have been under the ruling of the president because all military actions get passed him before acted upon.

  • Too many things!

    Ok for example the IRS and Libya. (there are many more). So lets say he is guilty of these things. He pratically cheated in the election. For those of you who dont understand what the IRS did, they pretty much (long story short) threatened or harassed people who disagreed with them to vote for obama. Libya he claimed was not a terrorist attack. This was shortly after he said we are done with the terrorist. He said it was because it was a video that inspired them to kill these men. If it was a terrorist attack, he lied and should be impeached for something as serious as this.

    Now lets say he did not know about these things. What does he even have control of? He cant even control his own people. Libya was preventable. Ill explain later when im not at school and everything is blocked...

  • Treason is impeachable offense!

    Supplying arms to people who are at war with the us is a treasonable offense. Also ordering the bombing in Libya without congressional approval is a violation of his powers. His open disregard for the constitution is obvious. If not for the MSM suppressing all of the scandals, he would have been impeached already.

  • Obama is not acting for what is best for the American People.

    Obama has continuously lied to the American public, all the while stepping upon our rights as citizens of this country. He acts like he is the sovereign king of this nation and that nothing can stop him. IRS Scandal, Benghazi, 2nd Amendment rights, and now that he has expanded on the original Patriot Act instead of scrapping it like he promised initially. All of this as well as anybody who disagrees with his tactics is referred to as racist and a terrorist. He needs to be stopped NOW!

  • Has not Acted Presidential since his Inaguration!

    This man has not kept one promise to the people he swore an oath to serve. Has abused his position and power. Freed world class terrorists for one traitor while allowing one mentally ill patriot to rot in mexico. Not enough space to list all the ways he's abused America!!!!!

  • Nothing Obama has done is an impeachable offense.

    Impeachment is a very specific legal procedure, with very specific requirements. It is why only two Presidents have ever been impeached. Impeachment is basically just the formal process by which an elected official is accused of unlawful activity. According to the Constitution, impeachment is only for "treason, bribery, or other high crimes and misdemeanors". Congress alone determines what qualifies.

  • A Respectful Disagreement

    I hate to be argumentative but impeached? That seems a little drastic for a few things that cannot be proven.
    The Benghazi Scandal: Nothing can be proven about this and all that is known is that 4 people were killed. While this does inherently suck people still seem to ignore that A. Every president has a little behind the scenes work, and only one president did anything completely corrupt. B. Once again, there are only rumors and no facts to prove anything beyond what has been reported.
    IRS Scandal: This is just the IRS workers wrongly prosecuting and President Obama has publicly stated that he was not in favor of this action and did not commission it. (Little side not the workers were going against Tea-Party-esque groups who claimed that they were politically unaffiliated and should be exempt from taxes. Wow. No.)

    So right now I reject your premise respectfully and think that the president should not be impeached.

  • Impeach Obama but not a Peep About Illegal Wars?

    No, President Obama should not be impeached. I would like to know specifically what "high crimes and misdemeanors" advocates of his impeachment feel he has committed. All I hear a vague accounts of how terrible he is, and that is mostly from a single "news" outlet.

    I have plenty of gripes about our president, but he has done nothing to even deserve a discussion about impeachment.

  • He's not involved

    IRS- the Tea Party groups were looked at more closely because political groups aren't allowed to receive tax exempt status. Not to mention, under Bush the IRS did the same thing to the NAACP.

    Benghazi- The CIA and the DoS disagreed on the cause of attack. No coverup. Also, if they had tried to send Military help, they wouldn't have gotten there in time.

  • People will do or say anything to get him out of office.

    Considering that only 2 presidents have been impeached, it means that this procedure only happens in specific circumstances. Many folks who have brought up the I- word simply hate the fact that he is still president and if they can't defeat him at the ballot box, then this is their only means of removing him from office. Even conviction is considered a tall order, with a two thirds majority required in the Senate to remove him from office.

  • No he should not

    I'm not his biggest fan, but what impeachable offenses has he committed? And besides, if Obama deserves to be impeached what should have happened to George W. Bush? I think most of the people with a desire to impeach Obama simply hate him and the fact he has won two terms

  • Does not deserve impeachment

    I feel as though most people who want Obama impeached do not fully understand what impeachment is or what constitutes it. The president has done nothing worthy of impeachment he has not committed treason, bribery, or other high crimes or misdemeanors. The argument for it lacks evidence and any sense of comprehending what they are asking for.

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Anonymous says2013-06-03T05:06:57.840
Because when you "mishandle" an economy and when the T-Baggers mess up their tax forms you get impeached. But not if you start a war that proved to be wrong and cost 100,000 lives. Then your good to go another term.
Quan says2013-06-04T13:56:35.757
Impeaching the president would just be a drop in the ocean. The entire system is corrupt at this point.