Do you think Obamacare is good (yes) or bad (no)?

Asked by: SamSalvagni
  • It is a good idea.

    Obamacare is good because it will save people's lives. People are paying $150 a month for health insurance where as before they would have to go untreated and maybe die or go completely bankrupt. Obamacare does no harm. It doesn't hurt insurance companies, it doesn't hurt small businesses. I don't see why Obamacare would be bad unless you're a greedy conservative that doesn't want poor people getting treatment without going bankrupt and ruining their lives.

  • Well yeah of course it is

    Well let's follow a simple line of reasoning. Obama is black. Black is used for ink. Ink is used to write. Writing makes books. Books are for reading. Reading makes you smarter. Smart people know what they're talking about. Obama talks a lot. A lot is the land you get with your house. People who own houses have money. Money is a problem in America. America has nuclear missiles. Nuclear missiles are bad for the skin. Skin can change colors. Colors are what you see on an acid trip. When you trip you usually fall. It's fall right now. You are reading this right now. Right is the opposite of left. 10% of people are left handed. Hands are necessary for everyday functions. Functioning is good for people. Obamacare is supposed to help people help pay for the people that keep you functioning. So Obamacare is good.

  • Some of us aren't so fortunate.

    My parents have been working class since the day they moved here from Vietnam. They work all day and they aren't covered; many others live the same way. Some of us aren't lazy, we're just not fortunate enough.

    Obamacare will make health coverage much more affordable. The law will tax the rich more in order to pay for the health care; besides, they don't pay a high enough tax rate already (14-20% compared to 30%).

    Wealthy congresspeople already get very sufficient health care and the middle to low class should be entitled to that as well. Congress gets two to three months of vacation a year while they get good health care. Working class work with no vacation other than the weekends, and that doesn't include overtime, and some of them don't get healthcare. Who seems to be the lazy ones now?

    I really hate how some of you guys call the working class lazy. We're called working class for a reason. Adults work to put food on the table, and the rest is spread thinly on bills. Health coverage shouldn't be just a privilege for the ones that are more fortunate.

    Just because someone is very well off doesn't mean they are hard-working, and just because someone works non-stop doesn't mean they don't get off their asses.

  • Yes, it is.

    I normally don't agree with such policies but I think there is something that many don't understand. Some people are forced to deal with circumstances that they have little to no control over. It's not about not working hard, or being lazy. Many poor people are very hardworking and do whatever they can to support their families.

    Health care should not be a "wealth privilege". Stop blaming people for being poor and stereotyping hardworking people as lazy because you're an ignorant brainwashed fool. Just because you can afford decent health care doesn't mean you are hardworking or even deserving for that matter. Most people arguing against it don't even know what the issue is or the fact that Americans already pay for health care they can't even afford. It's all about greed, money and discrimination against people because of their economic status. This is why I am for this issue because I am tired of the ignorance and greed of the Republican party.

  • NHS in UK rocks

    Here in the UK we enjoy the National Health Service for many years now the culture is so different and it survives many attempts to be privatised by right wing governments. It seems the principle behind Obamacare is good but the implementation might be better. For years I shelled out for private UK healthcare but the local consultants are the SAME ones (unless you travel to Harley St). There is a constant drive to save the NHS money but it seems in the US shareholders want profits and spending to be as high as possible, must cost you a fortune. Is overall care better? Probably not.

  • Stop being lazy and work!

    It's not our jobs to make sure poor people have good health insurance! Why should the hard working people pay for the lazy peoples health insurance? More and more people will suddenly become poor because they think they can get health insurance for free! People need to start working for things they want and stop being lazy.

  • Poor people need to stop depending on those who work.

    Poor people need to stop depending on those who work! Why should the people who work hard have to pay for those insurance, but the people who just sit down all day get it for free? Makes no sense to me. If we stop paying for other peoples insurance, than the government would have more money and people would stop being so lazy.

  • Yes everyone should have some healthcare

    Yes, everyone should have healthcare, if they want it, however obamacare is bad on many fronts.
    First, if you don't want insurance why force them to get it, young people fresh out of college often go without healthcare for a few years to bank up some extra money.
    Second why charge me for coverage I won't ever need, I am a male I do not need or want abortion coverage so why force me to have pay for it.
    Third many hospitals do what our local hospital does, if you do not have insurance and go the ER you can pay $250 and you are covered
    There may need to be some basic insurance for those working and cannot afford it, but obama care made my insurance go up 25% more than $100 largest increase in 20 years working there.

  • This is the worst question ever

    Is this good or bad?

    Answer options: Yes or no.

    There's no wonder 50% think Obamacare is good. They probably can't understand the question!

    Obamacare is bad because Obama is spending too much money which he hasn't earned. Politicians don't earn money, they steal it. Tax is force backed fraud.

  • I Work Hard

    I work hard. I have worked hard to get where I am, as did my parents and so on. I am all for helping people in need. But why take money from the already hard working people to supply mediocre health care for those who, realistically speaking, the majority do not care to work or better themselves. This is a wonderful country FULL of opportunities. If someone wants to truly better themselves, they can. So the excuse that, "oh they cannot help it", is a fallacy. Get off your butt and work.

  • Hate Obamacare insurance

    What good is an insurance that no doctor wants then your force to pay this premium each month that's has little or no use to you, ive'had it when trying to get a appointment all that you can hear is sorry but the next open appointment will be in the next three month's unheard of. The sad part is you will be penalized.

  • Good intentions but bad Idea

    It is unfair to the people that actual work for everything they get to have to suffer for others that dont. I understand well enough that people should have some type of health insurance but Obama care is no good. The best Idea is to Improve Medicare and Medicaid. And make it much more accessible to those who need it rather than making a new government sponsored health insurance funded by private citizens unwillingly.

  • Good Idea, Bad Implementation

    I think the premise behind Obamacare, universal health care, is good. I however believe that Obamacare is truly a bad idea. I do not understand why our government elected to ignore the soaring prices of health care and then basically handed the problem to the insurance companies in our country. I believe insurance companies are in full control of the health care industry at this point and I don't feel like that is a good idea.

  • Socialism is never good

    It takes money from the hard-working healthy and MIDDLE CLASS, something Obama basically ran and won on in 2012, saying he would GIVE to the middle class. Often, many people getting the free things he hands out are lazy bums that haven't worked a day in their life. It is also extremely flawed because "If you like your plan, you can'T keep it"

  • Umm heck no!

    NO!!!!!!! The government can't force people to have insurance!! It is just another way for the government to put rules and regulation on people! And there is nothing "affordable" about this act. It cost billions and billions of dollars to get put into place and GUESS WHAT AMERICA WE DONT HAVE BILLIONS AND BILLIONS OF DOLLARS TO BE SPENDING!!!!

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DatAzian says2013-11-14T14:12:30.413
If it was such a good idea, then why are are less than 1% able to qualify? The answer it's a f'ing stupid idea.