• Yes, once it becomes accepted and understood.

    I think Obamacare is struggling as it gets started just like Medicare probably struggled when it was brand new. I think after people start to understand Obamacare, and the media lets up on it a little bit, it will start to become quite popular. All new programs struggle with issues at start up.

  • Yes but not by choice

    I do think Obama care will become as big as medicare but it won't be because people want it to be, it will be because we have no choice. If the government is mandating something then enough people are going to have to follow it and it becomes popular by necessity.

  • It will be close

    Many people still think the Affordable Care Act could use a lot more improvement, but it is a start. For one, they could get Insurance companies out of health care all together. Middle men are what jack the prices up on everything. Besides, almost half the population will be under Medicare anyways do to the low wages employers pay their employees.

  • No, Obamacare will never be popular

    Obamacare has been flawed since its inception. There is no doubt that our insurance programs need to be overhauled, but the mandates set forth in Obamacare were not well thought out and were poorly implemented. Too many people are facing ridiculously high insurance bills, some double or triple what they were paying before. The debacle with the website will be remembered for a long time. There have been many things that were lied about or misrepresented. For new insurance programs to have a chance to succeed, the Obamacare regulations must be repealed and then new policies set forth later under new leadership.

  • No, Obamacare will never become popular like Medicare.

    I do not think that Obamacare will ever become as popular as Medicare. I think that Obamacare has way too many problems associated with its policies and principles. And while some people will still see a use for it, I also think a lot of people will revolt against it.

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