Do you think Obama's promise of "You can keep your current healthcare if you like it" is the biggest lie a politician has spoken in decades?

Asked by: brett.winstead
  • Yes, I think it is.

    I think Obama's obvious lie about his Obamacare being a plan in which we can keep our current healthcare if we like it is a colossal lie. Even many, if not most, Democrats are whining about it now. It is hard to define what lie is bigger than another but considering the magnitude of its ramifications, this one is up there. The cost will be enormous for the American people. I also do not think he "changed his mind." I believe it was a statement with an intent to deceive from the beginning.

  • It qualifies as the biggest for several reasons.

    He knew it was a lie and he repeated it for years.
    He lied that it would be less expensive. We now have evidence that's a lie.
    He lies when he says its the insurance companies fault, knowing that they are having to cancel the existing plans that do not meet this juggernauts minimums. This most venal and corrupt administration has lied since he said his would be the most open and transparent administration ever.

  • A Big Lie

    I don't necessarily believe that Obama's promise is the "biggest lie a politician has spoken in decades", but it definitely ranks up there. It's the pressing issue going on right now and there's no way to foresee how this will affect the nation in the future. The counterarguments have been targeted towards the Bush presidents, but this judgement is made too soon. In the future when we reflect upon Obama's presidency, will you still feel the same way.

  • Not Obama's Fault

    Other people have argued other, larger lies made by other politicians (no new taxes.) People do not lose their insurance because of the Affordable Care Act but because private companies hate the idea of their employees having insurance so much that they would rather strip them of their healthcare than spend a few extra dollars. You cannot blame Obama for what the private sector does in response.

  • Look at crazy George W Bush

    "My plan reduces the national debt, and fast. So fast, in fact, that economists worry that we're going to run out of debt to retire."
    Uh, his stupid war on terror and in Afghanistan and Iraq has added trillions to our National Debt, but people say Obama added trillions to the deficit. Nah, I don't think they're racist. Bush even lied to use that the war on terror will reduce terrorism. Last I checked, it's exponentially increasing.

  • Oi vey... This Obama hating is almost as un-based as racism.

    Look... If you want to know what the biggest lie stated by a politician in decades is, I would probably point to Nixon who so confidently stated: "I am not a crook", even though he was clearly in on the entire scandal, it was a very smart move on his part to step down from office.

  • No, "NO NEW TAXES" will be the biggest lie for at least another century.

    George Bush Senior takes the cake for the biggest liar politician. I don't get why people hate Obama so much, when there's Bush the Wimp and Bush the Idiot to keep us entertained with their ridiculous antics, they overshadow anything President Obama ever did. Besides, "Read my lips: no new taxes" is catchier than "You can keep your current healthcare if you like it."

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