• Yes, it will be successful because, especially for the US economy

    In order to decide which immigrant will receive the permission to stay in the US, the USCIS will have to insert them in the system. Having people in the system, will mean that the IRS will pay closer attention to these immigrant to make sure they are paying taxes. Because they will pay taxes, the US takings will grow and this is nothing then positive to the US economy.

  • Yes, I think Obama's proposed immigration policy will be successful.

    The current immigration system in the USA, especially for undocumented or illegal immigrants, is simply broken. Qualified, legal immigrants wait decades for citizenship while illegal immigrants will not stop attempting to enter the country. Obama's plan is a necessary first step in reducing the harm to the innocent bystanders--mostly young children of illegal immigrants--and allowing those good illegal immigrants who are strong contributors to society to obtain priority over others.

  • No it won't

    The proposed immigration policy will meet a lot of challenges and thus will likely not be successful.

    First, we have to be reminded that the Republican Party, which holds the majority in both the Senate and the House of Representatives, is against it.

    Secondly, the "pardoning" of illegal behaviour is not exactly something voters or citizens agree with. Furthermore, it would not be fair to those waiting in line to immigrate legally. Added onto the fact that Obama used an executive order to bypass Congress (which some people see as a violation of the system/democracy and the do not support), the proposed policy is not scoring a lot of points with anyone.

  • No, I do not think that this will be successful.

    No, I do not think that Obama's proposed immigrations policy will be successful because I find that Obama doesn't ever put much thought into anything he is doing therefore nothing he proposes could really be that much successful, although I like the thought so heres to hoping that it will be successful.

  • No, it could encourage further illegal immigration.

    No, although it is hard to argue this case while trying to be politically correct, I feel that his immigration policies could be seen to almost advertise illegal immigration. America is already a hot spot for foreign migrants, now they may be seen to be an even easier route to the western lifestyle. The American tax payers will suffer, however they do not have to worry about a stretched National Health System at the current time.

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