Do you think object-oriented programming will continue to dominate computer programming languages?

  • Yes, object-oriented programming will continue to dominate computer programming languages.

    I think that object-oriented programming will continue to dominate computer programming languages. The format has been successful for so long because of how efifcient it is. Plus it is the easiest way to run a program with computers. I do think that there are programming out there that might have promise though.

  • Yes I do feel that object-oriented programming will computer programming languages for the foreseeable future.

    Yes object-oriented programming (OOP) will continue to be the dominate computer programming language for the foreseeable future since it's easy the teach and understand. OOP is a logical extension of good software design practices. OOP offers the ease of program maintenance and ease of evolution of the software for future upgrades and improvements.

  • Computer Programming Languages

    I personally think that Java has had a good run, and it isn't done yet. But it does have some vulnerabilities. I worry when it seems Oracle more concerned about getting me to install the Ask toolbar than fixing problems. But someday we will have a change in programming style or technology that Java can't or won't accommodate. As long as there isn't a "Javapocalypse" there will be Java jobs around for a long time. The may not be the newest sexy stuff, but by then you may be one of the old-timers who is content to do maintenance. Or else you will be a restless old fart like me who is always looking for the next big thing.

  • Currently nothing better

    There is no reason why people would switch back from object oriented programming into programming line by line on its own since the level of massive inefficiency that this would lead to is clear. If people are going to constantly use the same parts of code, why rewrite it all the times?

  • OOP has reached dominance for a reason

    Object-oriented programming was a revelation within the programming world. The days of endless "spaghetti code" and miserable documentation were completely put aside by the methods employed in OOP. It may one day be that there is a more efficient -- or, at least, simpler -- method of programming, but for now, it certainly seems that object-oriented programming will hold the reigns to the future. I see it going nowhere anytime soon.

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